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  1. Hi I suggest you post in the Wanted To Buy forum. Update - which I now see you have found.
  2. Yes - I just watched Army of the Dead on Netflix in 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on the Shield passing through to my AVR and display with no issues. Using the Netflix app directly on the Sony TV does not pass through Atmos.
  3. Just watched my first NetFlix 4K stream - Army of the Dead. It was an enjoyable zombie romp with good Dolby Vision and better Atmos sound.
  4. To be fair my new Sony 75X9500H doesn't have HDMI 2.1 so chances of it being required are fairly mute. I did make sure I got an AVR with eARC just to be certain of being able to feed full featured audio back to the AVR if I did directly connect any devices (most likely a PS5) to the TV. The AVR makers appear to be addressing the HDMI 2.1 debacle from their end but the what about the other ends - the input and display devices? I think this saga has a while to run.
  5. It is a great price and would have definitely been on my shortlist to evaluate - as I don't need HDMI 2.1 - if I hadn't already purchased a Marantz SR8012 for an even better price.
  6. I am very impressed with mine. I've just retired on Intel NUC running Windows 10 and Emby - replaced by a Nvidia Shield Pro running the Android Emby client (everything in my house streams off the NAS). I had some audio issues playing back some content using the Emby client on my Sony TV but zero problems using the Shield Pro. Next time there is a good deal I'll get another one to allow me to retire the NUC in the bedroom.
  7. Another vote for Krix in-ceiling speakers - I have 2 pairs of Atmospherix AS providing the .4 in my very new Atmos setup. Initially I was concerned about them not being directional but in operation I couldn't be happier with their performance.
  8. Wife and I saw it at the cinema and just gave it a spin on my recently upgraded HT and really enjoyed it again. Very enjoyable and the soundtrack pumped!
  9. Welcome to SNA. I'm a very happy long term Emby user. Originally a Windows Media Center Edition user (for the WAF and lack of alternatives) and then hacked onto Windows 8.x after MCE was removed. Eventually I got tired of trying to keep up with the wack-a-mole with MS patches aka nuking. Tried Plex, Emby and a couple of others. Settled on Emby and have been there every since with mostly reliable and good results. I am a Emby Premium supporter. We were mainly Windows (running on Intel NUC) but now migrating over to Android (on Shield and Sony TV).
  10. My ceiling speakers were installed on Thursday and I finally got time to re-run calibration with the Audyssey MultEQ Editor app. I 'cheated' and set the new speakers as 'height' not 'ceiling' so that I could try out Auro-3D as well as Atmos and Neural-X, and Multi-Channel. Tested with Blade Runner 2049 and Mad Max Fury Road. Real wow factor from the Atmos audio tracks on both movies It was good before but great now. Like others have remarked, it is a cumulative gain from the ceiling speakers to enhance the sound stage. Count me in as convert - I better be
  11. Okay other things intervened but I finally re-ran calibration with the Audyssey MultEQ Editor app. I 'cheated' and set the new speakers as 'height' not 'ceiling' so that I could try out Auro-3D. Running on my 2G Wireless the app ran without issue. I will say that 8 passes with 12 speakers does take a while. I then edited the file to disable midrange compensation, I dropped the MultiEQ range down to 400Hz and lifted the subwoofer from -1 to +1.5 db. Have tried with Dynamic EQ.turned off and on. Leaving it on for now. Tested with Blade Runner 2
  12. Onkyo to Sell Home Audio-Video Business Not the end perhaps but considerably uncertain future.
  13. Supply has been the main issue. The main importers have struggled to secure supply from the US. I am not aware of any alternative. Coincidentally I have just removed a HDHomeRun Connect dual tuner from my network as no-one in my house was using it anymore. I will probably put it up for sale.
  14. Okay we're done. It took a little under 4 hours from start to finish. The bulk of that time was spent discovering pathways and running cable. Multiple fish rods, fingers and the odd blasphemy were required. The speaker cables were run back to the main location for the AVR. I am just awaiting arrival of a new wall plate so the cables are wired directly at the moment. Reconfigured receiver for the new speakers. The black grills will be replaced by white o
  15. Oh late breaking news....my ceiling speaker installation is happening tomorrow morning! 🙃
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