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  1. Sub - yea, using a Wilson Torus. Works well, but there is still a bit of a null in the listening position - hence the interest in your project. Agree with your comment on the classifieds!! 🤣
  2. Agreed Dave, though sometimes it ain't that easy! @Pasic007 - does it make a difference if the holes are facing either upwards or backwards?
  3. Wow - very interesting results! I wonder if something like this would help my situation - lots of bass available everywhere in the room with the exception of the listening spot. Once the bass levels are increased to compensate, other areas of the room are not much fun to be in..
  4. Looks awesome! Tell us about the speakers?
  5. Trying to work out if this is an itch I should scratch.. Have lived with their 75" unit for a few years now and it's been pretty good for the $.
  6. I think the smallest possible is 20" so by the time I get new rims and tyres it's probably just worth getting the 22s! Either way, it's the cost of admission I guess..
  7. Just read this after replying above. On the drag strip it definitely works - in the X we ran consistent 11.2 sec passes on street tyres/pressures, a passenger and all my normal "family car" stuff in the frunk.. Track will be a different story. Hoping to get a chance to change the pads soon as two big stops from high speeds and it got smelly, third stop was a little interesting.. 🤣
  8. I've actually bought a set of EBC Red pads for the Model X to be able to give it a run, not sure the road tyres would hold up for long though with the weight. Finding 22" semi-slicks will be pricey!!
  9. Working on getting the V3 pedal rumble working first - on the PS4 it's linked to engine (I think) which is pretty full on. With the PC I've got to try out SimHub, which I think will let Assetto Corsa work on it correctly. I tried out VR at the VRace in Osborne Park, found it to be too hot and uncomfortable after about 15 mins. Nice burnout vid! Bathurst is a hard one and I found that the track walkthrough on Grand Turismo really helped me get my head around how to navigate it quickly (or at least not crash!).
  10. Thanks - thinking of getting two for the pedals and two for the seat, might be overkill.. However, trying to get the shakers on the Fanatic V3 pedals working properly as they don't seem to play well (at all) with PC stuff. Seem to work ok on PS4. Go use your rig! It's such good fun!👍
  11. Am looking into these at the moment. What was your preferred way of connecting them? Bass signal or software?
  12. Yes - preferred the Elrog product by a good margin. Yes - Shuguang came with the amp. Yes - I changed out the 12AX7 and 6SN7 at the same time to a pack of Electroharmonics gold pins, which was an improvement over standard. If I was to recommend an order for these, I would change the 12AX7 first. Thanks again. Hope you're enjoying the Swiss summer!
  13. Thanks. I was lucky to get the good room in the house! 😁
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