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  1. It will probably be a fun little project for someone else - unless I buy a record.
  2. I'm lovin' this thread. There are some great room-design ideas, too. I just wish I could identify all of the equipment.
  3. I don't remember what the cartidges are, but I know that one cantilever is badly bent. However, I know that it can be removed. When I can get some room in the house (they're currently in the shed), I'll give them more of a clean and inspection.
  4. Yeah, lucky me, indeed. I'll discard the belt if I can get it unstuck - or leave it to someone else, perhaps.
  5. Found them in a skip bin, along with an amplifier, a tuner, a cassette deck, a pair of speakers, and a bunch of cables. Nope, not a VPI amongst them. Rats! Hhhhhmmmmmm. Now what?
  6. Too true, Tony. I'm logging out now, as my wife will be home soon and I have to compose myself.
  7. Add a pure wool blanket to your legs/lap and the cat will never want to move. Your picture almost brings tears to my eyes - I miss our cat a lot.
  8. What Pops110 said! Perhaps snuggle up the your wife!? That should not cost you much.
  9. I can see that she doesn't like it. She seems to have aimed a shotgun (microphone) right at your seated head height.
  10. "their return policy states that they do not accept returns if the box has been opened." This does not comply with the Australian Consumer Law. Seems like you did not get it from a friendly. law-abiding store. How could you know it was either not fit for purpose, or worse, broken, if you don't open the box. It might be worth looking into the consumer law factor.
  11. This may not match exactly with Australian Consumer Law, but did you get it from a friendly store who will let you return it under the category of "not fit for purpose"? (I'm (also) hoping to find an original D3020 for use with a computer.) Good luck with the return or sale.
  12. Don't forget to post the required picture/s. You have to prove that the Naims are happy, or the advertising police will come sniffing around. 😉
  13. Cor, gee. What a nice dog. (Did I get the pronunciation right?)
  14. Why don't you put an ad in the "Want to Borrow" Section? There's one in The Classifieds. Could save you (a lot of) money.
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