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  1. Mmmm, I scanned your link ... and it doesn't seem to mention the difference between whether a spkr is an 8 ohm load ... or a 4 ohm load? So, given by this: ... it would seem that the Krix Lyrix are in fact 4 ohm spkrs ... and may well drop to below this! So you really do need to listen to the amps you are considering, before buying. Andy
  2. Well, I have to differ, R. I have recently been on a (possibly!) Quixotic task to eliminate any noise that I can hear from my spkrs, when there is no input being played. I found that where interconnects - even shielded ones - must run close to power cables ... the noise level from the spkrs can be reduced to zero by using shielded power cables. Andy
  3. OK, so your PMA-880R doesn't 'double down' into 4 ohms. 120w into 4 ohms vs. 75w into 8 ohms is not too shabby - but you need to find out how the Krix spkrs behave, to find out whether they are a "difficult" load or not. Can you have a home audition from either of the shops you've been talking to? EDIT: Or take your Krix into the store, together with your PMA-880R, to compare. Andy
  4. Aah, mate - you're talking logic ... to people who are in (or want to join) a cult which believes it has the "one true answer" to sonic woes. And what's replacing a smoked resistor or two against the surety of audio nirvana - particularly when this offers you the chance to: roll toobs, and adjust bias on these toobs! Me - I can't imagine any better sound than what I'm experiencing from my new Class A (ss) amps. But, yes, they were a bit more expensive than $2400 each (in parts cost). Andy
  5. Aah but if Mae West had asked me if I wanted to come up see her mp3 collection ... I most definitely would. Andy
  6. You really need to get hold of the specs for your Krix Lynx spkrs - and find out: a. what their impedance curve looks like, and b. what their phase curve looks like. Only then will you know what sort of amplifier will drive them well. If they have a wicked impedance & phase curve then you will probably need an amp which "doubles down" into 4 ohms. (Is your Denon PMA-880R specced at 60w per channel into 8 ohms?) If they don't - then your cheapest option (Denon PMA-800NE - 85W) may well be fine. Just as an example - the new 2-way active spkrs I have built are happily driven by a 40w Class A stereo amp, each side. I have no idea of the spkrs' impedance & phase curves but these amps have a red "clip LED" ... which never comes on, even at the loudest I listen at! (So they are driving them entirely within their limits.) Andy
  7. To make your SQ even better ... you should get an even heavier c'weight - so that it sits right up at the inner end of the arm stub (right next to the place where you can see the arm gets thicker). Andy
  8. Hi, Greg - it certainly has been a while and I hope you are enjoying life up north. Yes, there have been major changes to my system in the past few years. No more Maggies, for instance! I will send you a PM about the 'Paris' head amp that I supply, later today. Unlike the 'Muse' phono stage, it is not my design - but the designer (Hugh 'Mr AKSA' Dean) no longer likes to do hands-on construction work ... so, as I thought it was such a good product, I bought his remaining Paris kits several years ago. Andy
  9. Mmmm, I suggest you might be pushing your luck to get a Class AB amp that can drive your Focal 926s well, for $2500! (And a Class A - definitely not!) The specs (that I was able to find, anyway) for the 2 amps you specified ... both fail to mention their performance into 4 ohms - let alone 2.x ohms - so they may or may not drive them well. One amp that certainly will drive the Focals well is the Sanders Magtech - which is completely outside your budget. However, based on the experience of a mate of mine (who has some B&W standmounts that, similarly, have a pretty wicked impedance curve) the Elektra Reference that he had before the Magtech, did a pretty good job. You may be able to find one of these for $2500. Andy Andy
  10. Good luck, Mark - and you should be able to get lots of valuable knowledge here at SNA. Don't forget though - vinyl is a 2-way money pit. It's not just the equipment ... but the LPs as well! Andy
  11. Aah, I don't know it was a "professionally produced diagram", Bob. But I can see where you're coming from - and, yes, if you use very thick spkr cables ... you may well be correct. And if you take the lower (0.3mm) wall thickness ... I think this equates to 12g cable. So, again, it doesn't make any difference to me - as this is thicker than the cable I use, anyway. Andy
  12. I'm sad for you, BPD. A not enjoyable experience. Andy
  13. Mmmm, sorry - methinks you need to understand a few things, Bob (in terms of how electricity actually 'works'). Andy
  14. The "low mass cylindrical springy narny plugs" that I use ... have a lug at the end to solder the wire to. So your scenario is moot. Andy
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