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  1. A wonderful preamp! This gear was dream stuff for many of us, some years ago. They were a bit out of reach for starting audiophiles.. Now is the chance for someone to own one. Great things never age and this is a Classic! I hope it finds a good home.. Best of luck with the sale!
  2. This is a give-away! The two valves alone are worth half the asking price! No point wishing you GLWtS! ...you've got people waiting in line. 🙂
  3. We were lucky enough to hear this at the Sydney Audio Club once.. Outstanding!
  4. 😲😲 This is a STEAL at this price and for the quality it offers! I have the same in my main setup and I can't find a worthy replacement, unless I spend over 4 k! Give it a good transport and ... sit back and enjoy! GLWtS
  5. A work of love! Very obvious.. I hope it ends up with someone with similar skills to finish this lovely piece of kit.
  6. Bargain of the w/end! I didn't think it would last long.. 😃
  7. Quote from introduction: "...Needs no Introduction and it's as good as they say..." I will second that! Virtually no distortion at all (at least, so low that it's not with in hearing range), clarity and fidelity well beyond its price. I enjoy mine immensely. GLWtS
  8. I use the same with a Cambridge Audio transport and the results are sublime! Tried several other DACs from the latest 'crop' of converters and none of them came even close to this. One, that I won't mention name, outperformed it slightly but its price was over 5k. This is a true bargain at this price IME. GLWS
  9. Heard these back in 1996 in the UK.. The closest sound to the LS3/5a I ever heard! In fact, on a blind test, I don't think I could tell the difference.
  10. Apart from being a very musical preamplifier that presents music as ...music.. (and not as a collection of individual sounds put together), this is also a collectors item. I have the same and have just re-chromed the huge solid brass knobs. I inserted into my main system every time I get tired of the unemotional sound some of my other preamps present. I think for me, this is a keeper! ..but.. GLWS
  11. What is this with photos turned upside - down? Is there a glitch in software or the fault is with the camera? It seems to be happening on a regular basis lately! .......... Nice amp by the way! Hard to beat at this price. GLWS
  12. Αt this price who wouldn't be tempted? These are not fussy speakers re: positioning. With front firing port they will perform great near room boundaries. Great speaker, very much overlooked and under rated. GLWtS
  13. To 'better' their sound, one would have to spend really serious money, in my estimation 20k + at current prices! One of the very few speakers where a piano sounds like a ...piano. Absolute bargain!
  14. So very true! When I had mine in the late 90's I had it connected to a pair of Infinity Kappa 8i, a notoriously difficult load for any amp. It did the job with ease, albeit in sensible SPL, but never showed any sign of distress despite its modest power.
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