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  1. Sounds like my kinda screen. I'm still running my two plasma's - both Panasonic screens - 50" is 2006 vintage and 65" is 2011 vintage ? Been holding off upgrading, but might now bite the bullet with one of these...
  2. Here's an early version I saved many many years ago.... I'll update the links etc as time permits Fellow DTV members and readers, below is a guide I have put together to try and answer some of the queries we get on the forum from users looking for wall mounting advice. It’s a start and maybe I can get it pinned as a sticky, but I welcome any feedback to try and improve the content,. Cheers Mick. WALL MOUNT INSTALLATION GUIDE 101 Well done! So you have bought your new flat panel TV and now would like to mount it on the wall. Where do you
  3. Sorry about reviving an old thread, I see the Panasonic recorder has a 5 speed search function [ ie: fast forward ], but I was wondering if anyone who own this model or the DMR-EX78 model could tell me how fast it's slowest fast forward search speed is? Simply if you press the fast forward button once, do you hear intelligible noises or sped up noise that is unintelligible to understand. I have an old panasonic model the DMR-EH65 and its fast forward search ranges from "3x speed" as its slowest fast forward speed and up to "160x speed" for its fastest fast forward speed [ I used a watch timer
  4. @gib_oz How do you find the viewing with the curved screen - is it a gimmick? What's the benefit(s)?
  5. Hav you tried Pioneer to see if they have a recommended repairer?
  6. JB HiFi have 10% off Canon cameras this weekend. Not as good as a couple weekends ago when they were offering 15%off - maybe they'll price match? Add to that the Canon cash back on at the moment and you can get some decent pricing - especially given how crap our $AU is
  7. That's the whole idea of favourites. It should only show those channels you have selected. As mentioned above you can work around this but for me once I'm in favs I never go back to "hidden" channels
  8. Samsung too smart for their own good...I would have thought they would offer a 3m extension lead as an optional extra?
  9. I thought I would have been upgrading by now, but my 785's are still going strong and I have a spare so it'll be at least another 3-4 years before I upgrade
  10. Absolutely Sammy and Panasonic have the biggest market share - though Panasonic have ceased making plasma so if you can get a VT65 for ~$3.2k or less yopu are picking up a great screen. Otherwise Samsung 64". Sony had a bad trot for a while and still using it's blue chip brand name to keep market share but they don't manufacture any of their own panels, just the electronics behind it.
  11. Because it's shot in HD in the US. Hopefully the rain holds off tomorrow when I go
  12. Depends what the issue was Jz. If failed HDD then most likely your shows are gone. If something else, then a high chance the recordings will still be there when you get it back
  13. IceTV must be selling what few stocks they have left in Oz? IIRC, weren't IceTV announcing they were looking to release some you beaut PVR by the end of the year??? http://news.icetv.co...bile-streaming/ well where is it? EDIT: Just read through that thread, and yet another PVR manufacturer finds it too hard. The Wiz is still so relevant after all these years! followed by http://forum.icetv.c...0.html#msg19480
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