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  1. Welcome. There are a few retired Australian Air-force electrical engineers that post at this forum. You will probably find them in the DIY section of the forum. Like you probably are, they are very methodical in their approach to HiFi You should fit in just fine🙂
  2. The bleakness of Ian Curtis's home life was mirrored in his music. I remember back in 1980 a mate had imported a copy of CLOSER and was raving about it. I found it too dire for my liking at the time [Could say the same about the SMITH's], but have since grown to appreciate it.
  3. I haven't seen this series advertised anywhere, it's on series 3. Are you sure you aren't confusing it with the 3 part 'Roswell- First Witness' made by the History channel ? The first episode will be televised on SBS from Tuesday July 27th at 8.30pm. https://www.sbs.com.au/guide/article/2021/07/22/my-father-saw-bodies-chasing-truth-about-roswell
  4. Yes it is possible. That's what I meant about letting the TV's electronics and panel bed in before considering getting it calibrated.
  5. If you have your powered speakers and PC both plugged into a powerboard, try plugging either the PC or speakers into a separate power outlet first, that might solve the problem. It's a grounding issue, I had the same thing with my IK Multimedia iLoud speakers. I ended up separating the speakers, and the noise diminished quite a bit, but not fully. I then got myself a small Presonus Studio 24c interface [make sure your PC has a USB C input if considering the same], and firstly used some DIY mono TRS cables from the interface to the speakers, this disappointingly didn't wor
  6. The component that contributes the most to any HiFi system is the speakers. So a great starting point would be to measure the size of the room you intend to place your HiFi in, and find a pair of speakers that you like AND work within that room size. Placement of speakers is important, so you need to include things like furniture, doorways, windows etc in the room to work out just what your options are regarding speaker placement. Once you have a pretty good idea of that....Visit a HiFi store for advice, and take room measurements with you. Better still, take
  7. I don't mind paying the bucks if I know the manufacturer actually has had to front up money to design and build tooling in their factory to build the product. Like Peter walker did when he started Quad As you probably know, Harbeth are one of the few speaker manufacturers to make their own drivers, and used propriety materials in there construction, so I suppose there is some justification to the prices they charge, even though the actual basic speaker design hasn't changed since the original BBC model. It just seems to me that the 20k premium being asked for the M40's ov
  8. Oh I know full well how it works, selling ANYTHING with a elevated pricing. Package it and present it in the right manner, and you can get the elevated asking price. It's called Aspirational Pricing.....it costs more, so I must have it as a status symbol, rather than it's true worth. Handbags, Shoes, Cosmetics, Perfume and Garments by certain makers are things Women have fallen into this trap of for decades, if not longer. Both genders fall for it with Wine and certain Foods, the younger set will do the same with wanting the latest smart phone, gaming c
  9. Yes I agree that is the most logical reason for price increases [2k on the new SHL5 ].....but the M40.3 XD is pretty much the same price as the previous version....go figure. The actual prices of Harbeth speakers historically though, have been high [When you consider the basic design and materials used]. Since they started getting great reviews in Asian HiFi press in the late 90's, the priced jumped quite dramatically from what it was. I think that the pricing structure comes down to what is posted at the Harbeth site in the Harbeth blog, under the Terry Miles Join
  10. Partially. I think having this newly appointed 2nd in command [Terry Miles ] at Harbeth might have something to do with it. I remember Harbeth being distributed in Australia at around 2000/1 by a HiFi dealer based in Canberra, they were asking $7500 for a pair of SHL5's back then. When they no longer had the dealership, there was no Australian distributor for quite a while, so you had to order direct from Harbeth, What was costing you $7500 with the distributor, now costed you $3300 after all shipping/duties and Taxes were paid for when you imported directly
  11. I doubt you will see a lowering of price of Harbeth speakers, even with the probable huge savings to the company in streamlining the whole production line. I think from being around HiFi shows for so long, Alan Shaw has taken a leaf out of the U.S. Highend Audio manufacturers, and charges what he thinks he can get away with, relative to the rave reviews his speakers get. But it's hard to justify something like the difference in the pricing of say the SHL5 and the M40's Approx$10k to Approx$30k. The difference in the speakers doesn't seem that great to me: M40 sligh
  12. Yeah, the different glues they have used has always effected what Harbeth charges for their speakers. That's one of the few thinks I'd take them to task for, even though they are a English cottage industry.
  13. Trying to work out just what all the changes in the XD versions of the SHL5+'s are has been a bit of a mission for me lately [Bored senseless during lockdown will do that], without actually having a pair in front of me. I know they have changed the way the production line works at Harbeth, and being of the school of 'if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it', think would have just tried to simplify the changes by using the same components that have always been used. This would also negate the need to keep yet another component in stock available for repairs.......Having had to
  14. I had asked Blakey to take some pictures of the new Harbeth SHL5+ XD ports, as I had noticed a difference. He did, and sent them to me via PM. He said he was going to post them in this thread, but I guess something must of prevented him form doing straight away [I don't want to be accused of hijacking Blackeys thread ] There is a HUGE amount of interest in the differences Harbeth has made with the airflow on the SHL5+ XD in Korea and Japan [It seems very few except the dealers have them yet], and I told those I've been talking to that I would try to get photos of them....
  15. Good for you, I hope it all looks magnificent. Don't forget to post pictures of your setup once you have it up and running, with your impressions
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