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  1. That storm was over........but look what heading in later today. Anybody else see the screaming demon sideways in the cloud ?
  2. My Sister lives at the border of NSW and Queensland, she now diligently watches the weather radar for approaching storms, as she has either completely or partially lost her roof 5 times. She took this shot of a approaching storm cloud with her new Samsung phone. The second shot is taken on the same day at sunset with another storm front heading in.
  3. DR WHO FLUX - 6 episodes starting Monday November 1 on ABC.
  4. That first system, with what looks like three channels has been around since I first got into HiFi. I remember they did a article on it back in the 70's in Australian HiFi magazine entitled 27,000w HiFi system, he used to have a room on the right had side stacked with about 30 Phase Liner 400 200w amps. There are another two channels behind the listening seat identical to the front three. I don't know if it's the same owner, as I reckon he'd be dead by now, he used to own a electronics company called Burston or something like that, and was a fan of Dixieland Band music.
  5. The Peter Jackson version of Get Back, using previously unseen footage.
  6. I have no idea what they did with it, I was only just starting to get a interested in HiFi back then. When I started at Magnavox and was shown what to do by a older employee, he showed me the different baffles and which speaker went with it, there was another even bigger one than the 24" baffle, I think it had 27" or 30" written on it, it looked like it hadn't been used in quite a while. I don't know how many of those 27/30" speakers made it onto the market, although I do remember I used to walk pass a electronics parts store near the corner of Pitt St and Goulburn St in the Sydney CBD that had a speaker of that size on display in the front window, you couldn't NOT look at it, it was such a curio, but I'm not sure it was a Magnavox speaker TBH, If memory servers me correctly I think that one was made by a company called ETONE. Actually, I just remembered the price of those monster speakers I saw in that shops window, as I used to walk pass it regularly. They had the whole range of speakers lined up in the window, the 24" was $184 and the bigger 27/30" was $240, which back then was more than double the average gross weekly wage.
  7. They actually made a 24" woofer at one stage, that was a bugger to mount in the test baffle.
  8. I worked at the Magnavox speaker factory in Sydney's Alexandria for a short while when on school holidays, I had the job of testing the speakers after they left the assembly line. They had different baffles that had contact points that matched the speaker terminals, I'd just quickly mount the speaker to the baffle, then run a sweep tone test on them. I can tell you straight away that each speaker would sound slightly different to the previous one tested That didn't seem to matter, as long as the speakers could reproduce the whole sweep it got a passed sticker
  9. Yeah, get cafe latte to retip your Denon, you won't get a MM with the same sound quality for the price of the retip. OR Look at getting a Australian made GARROTT cartridge https://garrottbrothers.com/product/cartridges The K1, K2, K3 and P77i are all the same cartridge, and all have replaceable stylus, the difference is in the Stylus types, so you could upgrade come new stylus time without having to change the cartridge.
  10. I finally managed to get a PS5 last week, well I didn't, I had to get a friend get it for me then reimburse them for it. What's happening with PS5's is as soon as some stock of PS5's arrive in Australia they are delegated to one particular stockist, and they are arriving every 2 weeks. 4 Weeks ago in was the SONY center that got the stock, 2 weeks ago it was BigW, a week ago it was TARGET that got the stock. My mate told me about a TWITTER account that alerted people to who was getting the stock, and to watch that stockists website for them to appear for sale. He alerted me to SONY having stock as soon as he got the TWITTER alert, I jumped on my PC and logged into the SONY site and actually saw the PS5 bundle with 2 controllers, but when I went to put it in my cart it wouldn't accept the order, they had already sold out, the bundle was quickly taken down again off the site shortly after. After that failure I said to him that by the time you have alerted me, and I go on the particular site to purchase, they are already sold.......next time you get a alert just order one for me and I'll transfer the funds. So the next alert he did, and only just managed to score one from TARGET, they were all down in Melbourne so I had to wait until they shipped mine up to Sydney, but I finally got one.$834 for a 2 controller bundle DISC version PS5. So IMHO being on this TWITTER alert is the only way you are going to be able to score a PS5 in Australia ATM at least.......forget trying to preorder one from ANY stockist, they just aren't putting the ability to preorder up any more, it's just the quick or the dead ATM, you just get the heads up who is getting the stock and watch that website for them to appear for sale. Here is the PS5 Stock Alerts Australia TWITTER account if you are trying to get a PS5, just join and have ALERTS ON, it also helps to make accounts at various places so you can get straight onto that site if they are the ones getting the stock. You'll still need a fair bit of luck to score one, as they go QUICK ! https://twitter.com/AustraliaPs5?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  11. Pity Celestion pulled out of making HiFi speakers. The SL6 or SL700 with the added Dipole subs that made it up to the system 6000, were brilliant. The Celestion subs are like hens teeth, but wouldn't be that hard to make a clone of as they are baffleless.
  12. The old ratio of spend on HiFi equipment still applies. 70% on speakers, 15% on Amp, 15% on source [if digital]- LP playback has become expensive ALWAYS spend the most on speakers that have the SOUND that you want, they are the defining factor of everything else. ONLY then work on refining other equipment. Of course, you could have a great speaker with a lousy amp, but the odds are the most amps made in the last 30 years won't be the problem, unless a under powered Tube amp.
  13. Well done Penrith, they closed down Souths attack...but only just IMHO, as when Souths actually did have attacking chances they could have been devastating if they came off. As so often happened before, Campbell Graham rushed up in defense allowing Penrith to score, that's the 6th time he has done that against Penrith, and 5 times Penrith has scored off him doing so, you would have thought he would have learnt his lesson, and Wayne would have alerted it to being something Penrith would target....hell, I've noticed that for months. Biggest problem for Souths was in the first half, they had both Dane Gaigi and Jia Arrow go off for HIA's within tackles of each others, with Arrow failing his, that left Souths interchange lacking. Cameron Murry tackled himself to the ground, reminded me of Ray Price in the late 70's early 80's Parra final. Cody Walker was brilliant as usual, but his backup down the wing didn't slow down and adjust to the Penrith defense, that's why his passes ended up going over the sideline, they thought it was business as usual, so they ended up running pass them. Despite having FAR less ball, Souths were the more attacking side IMHO. I didn't win a thing, lost about $350-400, which is rare for me to bet that much in the first place......hopefully will win some of it back with the Snooker tournaments that will start in around a month or so after the qualifiers are over....I won a bit on the Snooker World Championships earlier in the year. The only known certainty was that the Andrew Johns Curse would continue.......just hope it doesn't happen to YOUR TEAM and he tips them to win.....KISS of DEATH !
  14. OH NO !😭 Just what I DIDN'T want to happen, happened. Andrew Johns just pick the bunnies to win by 4 in the pre game show......the kiss of death has spoken.😠
  15. I have to go Souths to win, I don't care if any of my bets come in, I just want to see Adam Reynolds , Dan Gagai and Wayne Bennett go out winners. I'm just hoping Andrew Johns doesn't pick Souths to win, he's the kiss of death on picking the winner. And CH9 keep Sonny Bill Williams AWAY from a microphone, I'd rather hear commentary from a Horse than him. As far as the game goes, I think it will be a low scoring first half with a lot of heavy defense by both teams, with Souths scoring one converted try, and possibly get in position before the half time siren to score a field goal. Second half : Souths to score another try, but miss the conversion, Penrith to get a penalty, then Souths to finish off with a converted try. Hey, it's OK to dream. 🙂
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