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  1. Interesting work there Leo. 👍 Is it just me, or do others find reading (on screen) a circuit diagram with a black background rather difficult from a visual perspective? Cheers, Alan R.
  2. Just looking at your pics. Are you using your meter correctly? Appears you are measuring inductance rather than capacitance. I'd expect it to be reading capacitance in uF and the ESR in ohms in the capacitance measuring mode. ❓ Might be just the way your LCR meter works. Cheers, Alan R.
  3. IME, it's always a good move to acquire a copy of the service manual and details of any modifications for the equipment before attempting a repair otherwise with complex electronics it's like navigating your way around a place you've never been to before without a map and in the dark. As has been previously mentioned, many drives ship with the power supply rails shorted with either a solder link or a removable plug type link This is because the laser and its associated electronics are very prone to damage during handling due to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Once the ribbon cable
  4. You're welcome Grant. Many on this forum are passionate about the hobby in one way or another, and in many ways that's a really good thing. It's interesting and informative to read other people's opinions, about their experiences and their ideas. Some people can become a bit Cyclops'ed especially if your opinion or point of view doesn't align 100% with theirs'. That's human nature even if we don't particularly like it. In most threads I enjoy the discourse even when it gets kinda heated. IMHO the day you close your mind off completely to other peoples' ideas and dis
  5. Agreed it ain't the prettiest bit of kit but at least they appear to have got the tonearm right. Tangential tracking should have far less error than conventional tonearms. I note with interest they have chosen a vintage Shure V15 type 3 cartridge fitted with the now unobtainium genuine Shure VN35-MR Microridge stylus as shown in the article linked to by @thethrowback http://www.dj-rooms.com/avdesignhaus-dereneville-vpm2010/ Even though it appears the record is "read" by a laser, the choice of cartridge is indeed intriguing. I don't feel so bad about having the
  6. Thanks Keith, My vinyl playing set up is nothing exceptional. In my early years of hi-fi in the 1970s I had a Philips GA408 belt drive T/T equipped with an ADC MM cartridge. It was all I could afford back then as a trainee / student but it served me well at the time As my income increased I replaced the Philips with a Technics SL1200 DD (yep the original SL1200 which some mistakenly refer to a a Mk1 of which there was no such model IIRC) and equipped it with a Shure V15 type 3 MM cartridge. I really hated the original Technics headshell so I soon replaced it with an Audio Tec
  7. In all my music media I catalogue by three broad genre. Basically non-classical, classical and also soundtracks for film and stage shows. In the non-classical genre I catalogue by artist. For classical works by composer. For film and stage shows by film or show title. Might sound convoluted to some, but it works for me. Formats like vinyl, CD, SACD, DVD-A / DualDisc, Bluray Audio, Minidisc, DCC, DAT, dts-CD, compact cassette and reel to reel tapes have their own sections catalogued and sorted into the basic aforementioned genre. I don't need to worry about 8-track or elcas
  8. Well, seeing that the dialogue you quoted was between you and @thethrowback I mistakenly assumed you'd remember the context of the discussion. It wasn't that long ago, was it? I totally agree that scratching your records (especially through negligence rather than by pure accident) is seriously mishandling them. Likewise incorrectly storing them, allowing the playing surface to become contaminated with dust and other substances is bound to negatively impact on not just the SQ but also the longevity of the medium. Many other factors which are primarily mechanical can contribute t
  9. Hmmm.... 5 pages of rhetoric on the virtues of vinyl with an implication that other formats possibly pale into insignificance. Yeah, no problem with that as it's only opinion and well opinions are like #$%&*s. Everybody's got at least one. 🤣 But what I'm interested in is your statement of "Don't confuse how the uneducated look afta vinyl with people that do." Okay, is that an implication of what exactly? Uneducated in what precisely? Cheers, Alan R.
  10. Pleased to read you are enjoying the discourse. 👍 Perhaps with a little more effort we might be able to encourage you to come out from under the bridge? Cheers, Alan R.
  11. I agree. Read a lot of comments over the years that suggested that my less than 100% enthusiasm for some vinyl is because of the following. Here's just a few of them - " .... you're obviously not a music lover. If you were you'd only buy your music on vinyl...." Hmmmm... so I've collected thousands of records over many decades because I absolutely HATE the format? Yeah - right. 🙄 "Your equipment must be crap. Your budget of about $5k on a turntable and cartridge just isn't good enough. It's the reason why some of your records are noisy." "....if you are serious about
  12. Perhaps the final mixdown wasn't the same as it was for CD or DVD-A? A different mastering (mixing and EQ of the original multi-track recordings) can really change how a piece of music sounds. In the pre-CD years I often purchased imported records from the US and the UK. It was my experience that many releases pressed by Festival in Australia sounded dull and lifeless. The quality of the pressings were often hit and miss as well. I was told by someone in the industry the common practice of the day was that tapes were remixed, EQ'ed and otherwise nobbled to compensate for exten
  13. I enjoyed reading your post. When I first got into hi-fi the only mediums were records and reel to reel tapes. Cassettes came shortly after but until the technology evolved they were crap IMHO. Vinyl was affordable and IMHO the best tech at the time. I have 1000+ albums but I'll confess I don't buy much vinyl these days. Local new offerings are extremely limited and expensive. The cost of shipping imported discs (of any format) from OS is now just getting ridiculous. One of the joys of records is the covers. Nothing like a gatefold jacket to admire the artwork on and read
  14. No medium is perfect. So if I purchased a new sealed LP, took it home, placed it on the T/T and when played there were some clicks, pops and surface noise did I somehow abused the record or didn't look after it? Oh, FFS it's just out of a new sealed jacket. CDs aren't perfect either. Have a classical CD title on the DGG label I purchased back around the early to mid 80s. Didn't play it for more than 20 years. Put it in the player and part way through the performance I started hear those "digital clicks". Thinking the player might have started to develop a fault I loaded in a
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