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  1. You are lucky to have rels in Cheddar, Frank, lovely spot. Please do get in touch, we are about 4 hours away, or you can take the scenic route on A470 up through the backbone of Wales..
  2. The view from the hill beside our house
  3. Hi mate, I think 24hrs on a plane for a listen is more than a good enough reason for Ronda and yourself to come and stay for as long as you wish. We have so much to see and do on our doorstep, plus some superb pubs. We just need Oz to let you out (and me in). I am not sure on the current whereabouts of the Nashville speakers. They were an early production version using different drivers to mine. In addition to that pair, @unclemack also owns an early pair. He has a thread running on here. Paul ( @Los) also has a pair in his fantastic shed based listening room, it has great acoustic
  4. David - Make sure you also have a read of Lenards education site, John shares his encyclopedic knowledge of electro acoustics gained over a lifetime of enegineering design, practice and learning. http://education.lenardaudio.com/
  5. Me too Paul, its a relief to have them finally, they make me happy, even when turned off! The Symphonys are an amazing technical achievement and I am astonished at their capabilities. The long wait was always going to be worth it, I just wasnt prepared for something so extraordinary to result from this project we started nearly four years ago now. You have created a truly innovative compact true full range system that deserves wider recognition in audio circles. I cannot thank you and John enough for what you have delivered! The Symphony is not only endgame, but opens up a whole n
  6. Essentially yes Frank. Many of the design principles used in the Sarabande have been expanded on to create the Symphony. Both are 4-way active and employ cavity bass (Isobaric). The Sarabandes are exceptional performers, but I wanted more Hence the 15" mid bass and the 4" TAD compression driver, both were musts for me after playing around with a DIY system about 12 years ago which was based on TAD drivers. This gave me a taste of a a whole new audio world. Thanks . For now I only have my Playback Designs CD player and Bent TVC setup. Once I have organised the room and h
  7. I've not real specifics Andy They are the size of a medium fridge, 4-way active and use 2 X 12" Acoustic Elegance for isobaric bass, a 15" Acoustic Elegance driver for the mid bass, a TAD 4001 on a propreitary horn for the mids and upper mids handing over to a TAD ET703 for the high frequencies. They deliver an even energy response across all frequencies and are staggering to listen to. I went into this project to end up with my last pair of speakers, the endgame, but ended up with something that moves the game on to a level I didnt know existed.
  8. Brilliant Tony, that brings back some great memories. We need to get the band back together when I am able to return to Oz for a visit. How is life treating you? Have you got a thread running on SNA with your compings and goings on the audio and car front? Cheers!
  9. Fantastic Andy, I am so happy for you. I hope to be back for a listen as soon as Oz lets its own citizens back in. Some good memories in those pics Keith, that was a fun day. I recall Andy going into the back of a pair of his Wharfedales to make some mods after a few beers 😁
  10. Thanks Frank, trust was never an issue knowing John and Pau;l as I do. Once I saw the early Cad design for the Symphony years back I knew I had found what I was looking for - an innovative, compact full range horn based active system. For 'normal' people people living in normal houses, it doesn't get any better. I finally found the time yesterday to peel off the protective plastic covering the polished stainless steel cabinets and tidy up the small bits of plastic stuck in the corners from when I first unwrapped the baffles last week. The idea of the polishe
  11. Fantastic Steve! I met Colin a few times when I dropped in by his shop for a chat and lsiten. I never heard your model but did get to listen to the Paragons at a HiFi show, probably in the early 2000's. The listening environment was poor so the main impression I gained at the time was of their size! I have never owned a pair of Colins speakers but I did own a pair of stacked quads which were built into solid Oak frames by Colin along with large sub boxes using Focal drivers. They were impecabbly made as you would expect.
  12. Finally, after nearly four years, I collected the Symphonys last week from a freight agent in Essex. We hired a van for what turned out to be a long day, ten hours driving plus several hours of grunt work unloading the truck and breaking into the crates, then wrestling the speakers into my room . I am over the moon with the whole experience. The system was exceptionally well packed and the build quality of the Symphonys is first class. They sound absolutely incredible, exceeding what I thought possible and significantly better than the prototypes I heard back in Oz on several occasions
  13. Wow Micheal, this looks fantastic. I thought I may have been able to get back to Oz before now to hear your system which must sound stunning, but Covid put an end to that. How big does your room sound now with the full treatment in place? It must mess with your head when we are conditioned to judge a room by its size and sound cues. Cheers
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