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  1. It's happening! Shipping Sep 27th.
  2. I remember hearing a pair of these for the first time. They were standing next to a pair of Raidho bigger floorstanders. I listened for a half a dozen tracks and loved what I was hearing. I asked more about them and when they told me the stands were an optional extra, I realised I was listening to these standmounts. I was that impressed already thinking they were floorstanders! Glad to see Raidho represented in the country once again!
  3. Members, as per this recent announcement new orders for Bill's Cables have been temporarily suspended until all outstanding orders are delivered or refunded. If you have any orders outstanding, please contact @Bill125812 asap and remind him directly. Bill will not be accepting any new orders, or posting his Sunday giveaways until all outstanding orders are filled. Bill will still post pre-made and ready to ship cables only via the Commercial Classifieds only. Please do not ask him about cables or custom orders that have not been posted up in the Commercial Classifieds. This sponsor forum will remain closed until the backlog is resolved.
  4. Despite Bill's recent medical issues and the obvious contribution that would make towards recent delays, there is clearly a problem here that Bill needs to address. I will personally raise this with Bill right now. In the meantime, I am in agreement that the forum is not judge, jury, and executioner. However, I do not wish this to play out on a public forum, and the issue certainly does not need contribution from those that are not even involved. I will leave this here for full transparency, as I feel an obligation to personally raise and resolve these ongoing issues with a StereoNET sponsor. The topic will be temporarily locked until I have more information. UPDATE: A notice has now been posted in the Bill's Cables sponsor forum.
  5. Definitely not a review - just a news rewrite.
  6. This ad is not the place to discuss Australian Electrical Standards or legalities. You can PM any questions to the seller, and buyers can do their due diligence on products they are interesting in purchasing.
  7. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  8. With big thanks to DALI and @Amber Technology - we have a small number of LPs and CDs to giveaway as prizes. https://www.dali-shop.com/products/dali-cd-thirtyfive-years-vol-5 https://www.dali-shop.com/collections/the-dali-releases/products/dali-lp-thirtyfive-years-vol-5 https://www.dali-shop.com/collections/the-dali-releases/products/ginmanblachmandahl-the-velvet-blues-lp From now until the end of October 2021, we are running a little promotion to encourage the sharing of photos of member's systems and listening spaces. To be in the running to be selected as one of the winners at the end of the month, there are just two simple steps involved. Firstly, only members based in Australia are eligible to participate in the promotion. Step one, simply post photos of your system in the Showcase forum, along with some background information (what, where, why, how etc) in the post. If you already have an extensive showcase thread, make sure it's up to date and be sure to do the next step. Step Two, be sure to tag @Amber Technology in your thread so we know you are participating in the promotion. You can even add a link in your forum signature to your Showcase thread to get extra exposure I will be awarding the winners - I'm looking for detail, lots of photos, background info, how you got into audio/AV and sharing your personal experience about how you got to this point in your journey. I'll be sharing the prizes equally across 2-channel and Multi-channel/Surround systems. Think about how to make it interesting to other members and readers. Let's go! 👍
  9. All good. I'm also Win10 and Firefox and don't have any issues. We had a full QA performed across all pages, browsers, and device combinations only last week and didn't find any issues. It's impossible to know all combos and software/plugins that could be running across all users though.
  10. Try the AU version: https://www.stereonet.com/au/news/stax-launches-new-sr-x9000-flagship-earspeakers Same? No changes on our end and surely this isn't the first article you've read on our site Also - apologies in advance - trying to translate an already very poorly translated Japanese to English press release was challenging to say the least
  11. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  12. Don’t have any info on this one unfortunately. But wow.
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