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  1. Looks like MK2 according to the sticker on the back.
  2. I really think you need to get yourself an AV Receiver. All the things you are trying to do and getting stuck with recently would be totally resolved by letting an AVR do what it is designed to do - handle your HDMI switching and avoiding the need for different optical cables. Especially when you're using a projector as well.
  3. Try setting the audio output to Stereo on Fetch (not Surround as per image below). And of course make sure you're selecting the right input on the Kii Control.
  4. Thanks @HeyNow Hi-Fi and congratulations @mbd It's great that we have this resource that is available to all of us to share, and appreciate this hobby with others, particularly throughout lockdowns. Looking forward to the August competition announcement and reading more about everyone else's journey.
  5. Glad to hear it. You've given yourself a 2nd chance I see
  6. I am always impressed each year to see which faces still stagger up to the ticket desk 10 mins before 10AM for Sunday show entry.
  7. Hi Bruce, yes there will be. Given the current situation we are holding off putting tickets on sale and opening accommodation until August. While all will be refundable, we want more clarity before we blindly go forward. Stay tuned to this forum for updates. And as always, thanks for you support!
  8. We did the same essentially. Replaced Foxtel with Fetch Boxes and a Kayo subscription (for AFL and F1).
  9. A fantastic label this one ... Interesting story on it too for those seeking more info: https://www.stereonet.com/au/features/inside-track-recording-on-location
  10. I have no interest in this particular topic, so have not read the entire thread. However two recent posts have been removed that were simply disrespectful towards fellow members. If you are going to contribute to this topic, please do so with respect towards one another - personal attacks are not welcome and will be acted upon by moderators.
  11. Peter has responded to this thread, however, in the interests of avoiding dirty laundry being aired on this forum, the post has been held and I will summarise it as two quotes. I have intentionally left much of the entire post out, as it was clearly emotionally charged and in my opinion does no party any favours. As much as I really wish StereoNET was not used for this purpose, I think it helped get a positive outcome for a customer (and one of our members). It is my opinion as the Administrator after having read through the thread numerous times, that facts we
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