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Adelaide Speakers T2103SaCTL Floorstanding Loudspeakers

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AUD $5,900

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Floorstanding Loudspeakers


Adelaide Speakers

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(SA) South Australia/Australia

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Selling a pair of Adelaide Speaker Design Transcender T2103SaCTL floorstander speakers. These were a prototype speaker designed and built by Edward, proprietor of Adelaide Speaker Design, for his personal use as a high-end alternative to his already outstanding value budget-orientated designs. Noting his reluctance to sell, I purchased these in February 2022 and have enjoyed their excellent construction and impeccable sound since. Per the paperwork received upon purchase, these are the only pair to exist given their size and design complexity; the cabinets taking exponentially longer to produce comparative to his readily available options.


Finished with tapered and layered blackwood veneer sides and a leather time-aligned baffle, these are double chambered cabinets using a hybrid transmission line design, with a 40mm thick baffle, 25-40mm sides, 25mm baseplate, and a 19mm top plate. Plenty of internal bracing to create a rock solid non-resonant interior. Heavy duty 5-way binding posts. Each speaker weighs 55kg and stands 1250 H x 305 W x 460 D.


A solid and well-constructed cabinet commands the usage of quality drivers. Edward opted for 2x SB Acoustics Satori 9.5” bass drivers, a Scanspeak Revelator tweeter, and a Satori 6.5” papyrus midrange driver. This combination, in tandem with their quality custom crossovers, results in a 4-ohm impedance and 93dB sensitivity at 2.86V/m, making these quite an efficient design suitable for both low and high-powered amplifiers. Astonishingly good bass and transparent treble with a full midrange showcasing vocals and upper ranges superbly.


Whilst the speakers are physically large, they prove to perform well in both smaller and larger rooms. This, alongside their efficiency, speaks to their ability to interact well without concern of amplifier pairing and synergy with other components. I have personally paired these with a range of Yamaha, Michi, and even Class D SMSL amplifiers to name a few, and have had a positive experience in all instances. Not overly bright, not at all dull, but just the right sound signature to result in a detailed, transparent and authoritative experience.


Collection from 5114. If prospective buyers wish to purchase interstate and can manage pickup, packaging and transport via Pack & Send, for example, please do not refrain from contacting to discuss further.


There are electrical safety standards that apply to private sellers (individuals) for both new and second hand equipment that connects to mains power. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure their product being offered for sale complies with the electrical safety standards applicable to them for the country or state in which they reside. Click here for more information.

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Wow these are some great looking speakers from Ed's stable! 👌👌

Looks like he went above & beyond making these beauties & bet they sound great.


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