OpenLIVE: Never Miss a Live Performance

OpenLIVE is the new kid on the block. An Aussie initiative that could promises to change the landscape for accessing live music.

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Sony Announces NWZ-A15 Walkman

As the definition of just what is considered "Hi-Res" audio continues to be debated, Sony, the Japanese audio and technology giant have released a range of products enabling the discerning music enthusiast more ways to enjoy good sound while on the move.

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Sony HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player

The Sony HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player System wins EISA's prestigious 2014-2015 'European Digital Source' award.

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Marantz NA8005 Network Audio Player

Marantz has unveiled it's NA8005, an audiophile grade Network Audio Player that will hit Australian shores later this year.

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Standards for High Resolution Audio

New "high-res" audio devices are being released to market every day, while at the same time labels and websites offering content retrieved from the archives are jumping on the bandwagon.

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