Young’s PonoPlayer

Posted on 10th March, 2014

Young’s PonoPlayer

Legendary rocker has been on a crusade for high quality recording for decades. Young was one of the first to rally against early digital recordings, considering these a disaster that did no service to the artist or music.

PonoMusic Young’s vehicle was created to ensure discerning consumers hear exactly what artists want them to hear. Young says PonoMusic will move digital music into the 21st century.

''Our mission is to bring the highest-quality digital music to discerning, passionate consumers, who wish to experience music the way the artists intended, with the emotion, detail, and power intact. It's about the music, real music. We want to move digital music into the 21st century and PonoMusic does that. We couldn't be more excited about bringing PonoMusic to the market,” said Neil Young, founder and chairman of PonoMusic.

To kick off the new venture, PonoMusic has announced an online music store ( and its very own playback device (The PonoPlayer) enveloped in conduction with hi-end audio brand Ayre Acoustic. Ayre is distributed in Australia by Advance Audio.

PonoMusic’s titles are broad and deep covering major labels and leading indie labels. They’re also 'hi-res'. The PonoPlayer is a hi-end device built by a brand that knows great sound.

The Pono desktop media management application allows customers to download, manage and sync their music to their PonoPlayer and other high- resolution digital music devices.

“Our goal was to offer the highest quality digital music available from all the major labels with the world’s greatest sounding, user-friendly portable music player. We’ve achieved our goal and we are excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign next week to invite music lovers everywhere to join the PonoMusic community and reserve a PonoPlayer for their own enjoyment,” said John Hamm, CEO of PonoMusic.

Ayre has put decades of hi-end experience into the PonoPlayer.  It has an easy-to-use LCD touch screen interface that is totally intuitive.

PonoMusic and Ayre are a winning combination.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of this project. We will always be grateful to Neil Young for changing the landscape of recorded music,” said Charlie Hansen, CEO of Ayre Acoustics.

The PonoPlayer has 128GB of memory and can store 1000 to 2000 high-resolution digital-music albums. Memory cards can be used to store and play different playlists and additional collections of music. The PonoPlayer will be sold at for $399 MSRP and is available for pre-order at a discount on as of March 15th. PonoMusic recommended earbud and headphone products will also be available for purchase on

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