Yamaha Reveals New A-S Integrated Amplifiers and NS-3000 Speakers

Posted on 14th April, 2020

Yamaha Reveals New A-S Integrated Amplifiers and NS-3000 Speakers

Yamaha has revealed a trio of new analogue integrated amplifiers (A-S1200, A-S2200 and A-S3200) along with a set of premium bookshelf speakers (NS-3000). These join the recently introduced 5000 Series of speakers, amps, pre-amps and turntable in offering music enthusiasts a complete family of premium Hi-Fi audio components.

Yamaha A-S1200, A-S2200, A-S3200 amplifiers

The new amp triplets come in to update the A-S1100, A-S2100 and A-S3000 respectively and share their older siblings DNA with their sturdy stying and VU metered fascias. Each model is available in black or silver, with polished piano black sides.

Each new integrated amplifier benefits from features found in the 5000 Series, including toroidal transformers with drawn-out wiring to reduce energy loss, mechanical grounding to reduce unwanted vibrations and thick wires for ground connection ensuring lower impedance.

Yamaha A-S1200 UK

The A-S1200 boasts a healthy range of inputs (RCA x 4, MAIN x 1, Phono (MM/MC) x 1) and outputs (Rec Out, Pre-Out, Remote I/O).

Yamaha A-S2200 UK

Whereas the A-S2200 adds a fully balanced circuit with a set of XLR inputs and floating amplifier design, silver-plated brass feet, and a fully discrete headphone amplifier.

Yamaha A-S3200 UK

The A-S3200 also has a fully balanced circuit with floating amplifier design to minimise ground noise and a fully discrete headphone amplifier. Additionally, as well as custom feet from the 5000 Series, it features high-quality polyphenylene sulfide film capacitors, brass screws and gilding oxygen-free copper terminals for block capacitor. Connectivity lists inputs as XLR x 2, RCA x 4, MAIN x 1, phono (MM/MC) x 1, and outputs, Rec Out, Pre Out, Remote I/O.

Both the A-S2200 and A-S3200 incorporate the 5000 Series' use of PC-Triple C, pure copper continuous crystal construction, internal speaker wires and 22,000 uF/63V block capacitors.

Yamaha NS-3000 Speakers

Yamaha NS-3000 UK

The NS-3000 Speakers and SPS-3000 stands inherit much from the design philosophies of the flagship NS-5000, says Yamaha, albeit in bookshelf form.

The NS-3000 sports ZYLON drivers, a new 16 cm woofer paired with NS-5000 tweeter, and an RS (Resonance Suppression) chamber to suppress unwanted resonance. Furthermore, you will find a new acoustic absorber, solid brass speaker terminals, and a crossover circuit featuring the MCap SUPREME EVO audio capacitor made by Mundorf of Germany amongst its list of high-quality components.

Yamaha NS-3000 Stands UK

The stands are constructed from MDF and rubberwood and feature a 6 mm metal plate on top. The SPS-3000 rest on vibration-isolating feet.


The Yamaha A-S3200 is available now for AUD $9,999, while the A-S2200 and A-S1200 will be available in May and will sell for $4,999 and $3,499 respectively. The NS-3000/SPS-3000 will be available later in 2020, and pricing is not yet available.

For more information, head over to Yamaha.

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