Yamaha Repositions Soundbar Prices in Australia

Posted on 6th July, 2021

Yamaha Repositions Soundbar Prices in Australia

Yamaha is a leader in the soundbar category, and in good news for consumers has announced today it has repositioned its pricing across almost all models.

Yamaha's extensive line-up starts with the compact SR-C20A compact soundbar at $279 RRP, representing amazing value for money. Next in the range is the SR-B20A at the new price of $299 RRP, followed by the YAS-109 and ATS-1090 at $349. Moving to models with a wireless sub included, the YAS-209 and ATS-2090 have an RRP of $499, while the MusicCast BAR 400 with MusicCast multi-room and music streaming functionality, plus the ability to add wireless rear speakers when adding the MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50 (sold separately) is now available at $799 RRP.

Dale Moore,Marketing Manager for Yamaha's AV Division, told StereoNET:

Our price reposition acknowledges the growing sales trend in this category. As a premium brand, we have a long history of some of the best sounding products in this category. There's no doubt our YSP (Yamaha Sound Projector) has long been regarded as the best audio technology on any sound bar, producing 5.1 discrete channels of sound as opposed to virtual surround sound from most other models. We're excited that this technology is now available at a highly-attractive price point of $1,099 RRP (Recommended Retail Price) on the popular YSP-2700.

At the top of the soundbar range, with Yamaha's renowned YSP technology is the YSP-2700 at $1,099 RRP and the flagship YSP-5600BMK2 at $2,499 RRP supporting Dolby Atmos and “delivering the most encompassing surround sound from any soundbar without exception”, according to the company.

Yamaha soundbars were already popular with consumers in Australia, and its repositioned pricing across the range will likely prove to be even more successful.

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