Posted on 25th April, 2018


It was only a matter of time before Stax developed a two-in-one DAC/Driver Unit for its svelte electrostatic headphones.

Following the announcement over night of Stax's new flagship SR-009s earspeakers, the brand is quick to follow up with a world-first.

Right on cue comes news about the SRM-D10, Stax’s combination DAC/Driver amp.

A versatile model, the D10 brings high-performance audio not only to PCs and Macs but also outdoors and on the move.

And of course, the desktop driver electronics are tailored for Stax headphones. So what you get is a compact high-end package that will take your music files to another level.

Portability is assured thanks to the D10’s built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack, yet so compact and portable it will slip easily into a pocket.

The D10’s chassis is exquisitely built, but it’s also sturdy and rugged to withstand the grind of being moved about from place to place.

Features are many, as you’d expect from a heavyweight brand the calibre of Stax. They include XMOS USB interface support for DSD128 signal playback and PCM audio with an up to 384KHz sample rate.

The D10’s ESS ES9018 DAC is no slouch. It uses TI OPA1642 ultra-low distortion op amp to get that delicate bit stream to where it wants to go without a hint of loss.

Stax has also given the D10 an impeccable high voltage amplifier, so you get perfect high frequencies and consistent top-shelf sound. Internally the D10 sports audiophile grade components in every nook and cranny of its sleek aluminium housing.

And yes, the D10, of course, carries the standard Stax 5-pin connector to be used with any of its headphones.

The D10’s frequency response is 20Hz-40KHz, and the input level is rated at 230mV. Gain is a goodly 53dB and distortion is low, low, low at 0.025 percent. Input impedance is 10Kohms.

The Stax SRM-D10 is truly compact and is just 75mm wide, 32mm high and 14mm deep.

Price and availability is yet to be confirmed.

For more information visit Stax.


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