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With a staggering amount of HDMI cables available on the market, knowing which to buy can often be a confusing process. Wireworld's new Sphere range of HDMI cables is a purchase you can make in confidence.

Needless to say, that suspiciously overpriced cable that the big box-moving store salesperson guarantees to give you exceptional picture quality and boasting about the thickness of the wire itself is more than likely, you guessed it, overpriced.

Wireworld is a trusted no-fuss cable brand that you can trust and has been around since 1980. The knowledge gleaned over the decades has led Wireworld to be awarded several patents, and the company is continually pushing the envelope when it comes to cable design and development.

Its new Sphere range of HDMI cables are no exception.

With a range that starts from .6m in length and selling for $89 RRP, through to 30m active HDMI cables featuring Wireworld’s HD-Bridge Technology ($1,999 RRP), the Sphere range is the latest in a long line of cables explicitly designed with performance in mind.

Wireworld Sphere HDMI Cables

Sphere HDMI cables use an advanced cable design and newly developed active circuit that Wireworld says provides superior video and sound reproduction. Its new Uni-Path cable design improves performance, with improved shielding that reduces crosstalk and attenuation.

Uni-Path is said to improve electromagnetic efficiency and shielding, enabling more of the original signal information to be reproduced, which of course genuinely improves both sound quality and video imaging.

All Sphere HDMI cables pass the strict DPL HDMI 2.0 testing, with the lengths of 9m to 30m utilising Wireworld’s HD-Bridge active technology. All cables within the Sphere range are compatible and support all HDMI 2.0 features, including 4K/60, deep colour and HDR. Sphere cables longer than 9m include a USB dongle which can be externally powered or plug into the USB port found on most modern TVs.

The Wireworld Sphere HDMI cable range is available now from leading retailers including Lifestyle Store (Parramatta), Sturmans (Wollongong), Brisbane Hi-Fi (Brisbane), The Audio Experts (Dandenong) and Tivoli Hi-Fi (Camberwell).

For more information visit Wireworld.


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