Wireworld Releases 3rd-Generation Flagship USB Cable

Posted on 16th December, 2021

Wireworld Releases 3rd-Generation Flagship USB Cable

Wireworld has released its new Platinum Starlight 8 USB audio cable, the 3rd-generation flagship USB2.0 cable for the company founded in 1992.

It features carbon fibre plugs and five termination options and comes with Type C connectors. It has solid silver signal conductors and isolated power conductors following previous generations within a flat outer profile. 

Upgrades over the previous series include; ultra-quiet Composilex 3 insulation and exclusive Uni-Path geometry, which minimises interference and is said “to provide lifelike sound quality.”

With the material upgrades, the result is a high-quality and clean output for many applications such as data transfer and audio playback. The Platinum Starlight 8 USB audio cable can be used for smartphones, SDD, DAC's and more.

David Salz, Wireworld designer and President, told StereoNET:

Our goal for Platinum Starlight 8 was to create a USB cable with the amazing harmonic purity and dynamic expression of the scientific reference standard, a direct connection between components. We believe this cable is the closest ever to achieving that goal.

The new generation cable required the development of a new conductor geometry, superior shields and the quietest insulation material available. Wireworld’s exclusive Uni-Path conductor geometry minimises interference and crosstalk beyond previous designs, according to the company.

The new cable also uses double thickness shields and a fully isolated and filtered power conductor to maximise sonic purity. Ultra-quiet Composilex 3 insulation reduces triboelectric noise in the signal conductors as it maximises the noise-absorption of the isolated power conductor.

Wireworld continues, “these advanced design features and upgraded materials make Platinum Starlight 8 USB the ultimate cable for reproducing the natural acoustic character of instruments and voices.”

Available now, models range from 1, 2, 3, and 6-meter lengths, including USB combinations of USB 2.0 A to B, A to M-B and C to A, C. Prices start from $699 RRP. 

For more information visit Wireworld


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