Wilson Audio Unveils Surround Sound Speaker Series

Posted on 19th December, 2023

Wilson Audio Unveils Surround Sound Speaker Series

Comprising the Alida CSC surrounds, Mezzo CSC and WASAE centre channels and Submerge subwoofer, Wilson Audio's multi-channel speakers promise immersive soundtracks.

Wilson Audio's latest additions for home cinema and multi-channel music fans offer a choice of two centre-channel loudspeakers (Mezzo CSC and WASAE), a multi-channel wall-mounted satellite speaker (Alida CSC) and a new active subwoofer (Submerge).


We start with the impressive-looking Wilson Audio Mezzo CSC Centre channel speaker, which we are assured sets a new benchmark for multi-channel audio centre channel speakers.

Wilson Audio Mezzo CSC Centre channel

Featuring the same innovative rear-wave chamber technology with Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) that Wilson Audio debuted in the Alexx V, we are promised extended high-frequency detail, impeccable linearity, and lush harmonic detail. In addition to the CSC tweeter, the Mezzo CSC has a fully adjustable tweeter module that allows you to customise your centre channel's alignment to any unique installation environment. This also enables you to choose to install the Mezzo CSC on the floor, on one-of-two custom-designed stands, or in a custom cabinet.

Wilson Audio Mezzo CSC Centre channel

Meanwhile, the 90.72kg Mezzo CSC's two 8-inch woofers are mounted horizontally, flanking a  midrange driver first introduced in the Chronosonic XVX. The 7-inch Alnico (Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt) QuadraMag midrange is partnered with an S-Material baffle. The woofers get visually stunning 3/4-inch 6061 Aluminium woofer baffles. We're told that this addition provides both mechanical rigidity and aesthetic damping while creating a harmonious sonic blend also found with other Wilson Audio loudspeaker models, including the Submerge, Subsonic, Alexx V, Chronosonic XVX, and WAMM Master Chronosonic.


The Wilson Audio Special Applications Engineering (WASAE) Center speaker incorporates advanced X-Material and S-Material construction for “phenomenal vibration control and industry-leading settling”.

Wilson Audio Special Applications Engineering (WASAE) Center speaker

Featuring the same Convergent Synergy MK5 tweeter found in the WAMM Master Chronosonic, the WASAE Center is said to deliver “linear high-frequency extension and beautiful harmonic nuance”. The pair of 5 3/4-inch mid-woofers is the same as found in the Alexx V, SabrinaX, and the wall-mounting Alida CSC (more on that later) and bookend a 1-inch tweeter.

Furthermore, the WASAE Centre's crossover components include the new AudioCapX-WA capacitors wound at Wilson Audio to extremely tight tolerances specifically for this product, resulting in increased low-level resolution. The WASAE Center's internal wires (V-Cable) were also developed in-house.

Wilson Audio Special Applications Engineering (WASAE) Center speaker

Designed for ease of integration into any home audio setup, adjustable spikes allow for precise alignment of the drivers to the listener, ensuring the best possible on-axis response. With its 88 dB sensitivity, the WASAE Center effortlessly unifies with other Wilson Audio products.


It is said that “Alida” means 'she who is noble' and 'small, winged one' which makes sense for a wall-mounted multi-channel surround speaker.

Wilson Audio Alida CSC Multi-Channel Speaker

The Alida CSC promises an “astonishingly musical listening experience” alongside “strong power-handling capacity and low-end frequency response reaching below 40Hz”.

Wilson Audio Alida CSC Multi-Channel Speaker

Onboard this 65.58 x 45.72 x 60.43cm (HxWxD) compact loudspeaker, you'll find a Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) tweeter and custom in-house built crossovers alongside a mounting bracket employing Wilson Audio's proprietary V-Material nestled between the bracket and X-Material enclosure. This is said to minimise Alida CSC's wall/ceiling resonant interactions. Naturally, the bracket can be optimised for time-domain and driver dispersion, providing up to 30 degrees of rotation.

Wilson Audio Alida CSC Multi-Channel Speaker

Partnered with a 5 3/4-inch mid-woofer, the Alida CSC's 1-inch tweeter benefits from a newly designed AudioCapX-WA-Cu (copper) capacitor in its crossover. Built to industry-leading tolerances, this leads to “unprecedented resolution to your audio journey” thanks to unlocking a “new level of high-frequency micro-detail and an open sense of air to your system's sound”.


A sophisticated and custom-tuned DSP supports the Wilson Audio Submerge Active subwoofer. The built-in amplifier provides a claimed 1,600 watts of power, efficiently controlling the 12-inch woofer, specifically optimised for the two bottom octaves of the audible bandwidth. Featuring a dual spider design, the driver's geometry is triangulated (the third variable being the cone's surround) such that the high-excursion cone can only move pistonically within the X-Material enclosure.

Wilson Audio Submerge Woofer

Wilson Audio tells us that the DSP is calibrated for “ideal acoustical interaction between the driver and enclosure volume”, telling us to expect a balanced and lifelike soundstage.

Front-facing analogue controls sit on a machined plate, enabling fine-tuning the Submerge's balance to perfection. These analogue knobs provide adjustably for Gain, Delay (Phase), ELF Trim, and LP Frequency.

Wilson Audio Submerge Woofer

Once the intuitive controls are set, you can handily mark their position with the custom indicator rings just in case you need to return to your initial settings.

As well as balanced and unbalanced Left/Mono and right inputs, the DSP can be bypassed entirely, handing the Submerge the flexibility to suit any system.

Wilson Audio Submerge Woofer

Lovingly crafted in Provo, Utah and finished in Wilson Audio's automotive-class paint facility, the Alida CSC multi-channel speaker (from $31,995 per pair), Mezzo CSC centre speaker (from $37,995) and WASAE Center centre speaker (from $16,995) ship worldwide from 22nd December. The Submerge active subwoofer (from $51,995) begins shipping in March 2024.

Visit Wilson Audio for more information

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