Wilson Audio Pedestal Isolation Puck and TuneTot Stand

Posted on 4th June, 2020

Wilson Audio Pedestal Isolation Puck and TuneTot Stand

Wilson Audio's Special Application Engineering division has revealed its two latest accomplishments, the Wilson Audio Pedestal and the TuneTot Stand.

Wilson Audio made its name by designing and producing loudspeakers that feature unique composite materials resulting from the company's in-house research and development team. Today, it as has released its latest efforts, the Wilson Audio Pedestal isolation pucks and the Wilson Audio TuneTot stand.

Wilson Audio Pedestal

Wilson Audio Pedestal

Born partly from the research that created the ISOBase, a unique isolation platform for the TuneTot bookshelf speakers, comes the Pedestal.

The Wilson Audio Pedestal (AUD $4,495 RRP for a pack of three) reduces musically destructive vibrations systematically. We are told that the puck's small bottom element partially absorbs vibrations travelling from the surface underneath the piece of equipment. Next, energy migrates into the Pedestal's austenitic (non-magnetic) stainless-steel housing, where the material's mass and solidity further turn unwanted energy into heat.

Wilson shuns the use of low-grade magnetic steel in their isolation pods. Being committed to metals that have superior vibration-mitigating characteristics as well as the ability to minimise electronic interactions of the components which the Pedestals support, the damping material, in this case, is the company's “V-Material”.

Wilson Audio Pedestal

V-Material, along with a proprietary viscous damping material inside the Pedestal, acts as a spring to minimise, absorb, and dissipate the vibrations into heat. Furthermore, when weight is applied to the Pedestal the internal V-Material element, along with the other critical elements within the housing, are decoupled from the stainless steel exterior. Additionally, from the reverse direction, from the component down, any vibrations caused by environmental factors or from the audio system itself, travel into the top pad of the Pedestal, where they are reduced, says Wilson Audio.

Each Pedestal is rated for weights up to 25lb/11.34Kg so that a set of three supports 75lbs. There is even a handy white colour marker which, once the maximum weight rating has been reached, will disappear.

Wilson Audio TuneTot Stand

Wilson Audio TuneTot Stand

Wilson Audio's Special Applications Engineering division has also applied its resonance control know-how to create a purpose-built stand for its smallest loudspeaker, the TuneTot.

We are told that the WSAE design team has engineered the new AUD $4,495 RRP per pair Stand from the ground up to “seamlessly augment TuneTot's beautiful lines”. Naturally, the primary design objectives were extraordinary stability and ultra-low resonance. Additionally, the team wanted a platform that facilitated the proper alignment of the baffle for the time domain.

The result is a custom-machined, solid billet of X-Material serves as the column riser, chosen for its extremely inert nature. X-Material, now in its third design iteration, is unique among composites for its remarkable combination of dampening characteristics and rigidity.

Wilson Audio TuneTot Stand

The column is painted using the manufacturer's own WilsonGloss process and is available in a range of colours to match or complement the TuneTot.

The top plate is machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and features bolt holes to accommodate hardware for TuneTot's secure attachment to the Stand. The resulting X-Material/aluminium interface is exceptionally stable and critically damped, says Wilson.

You can also configure the TuneTot Stand to accommodate the Wilson ISOBase, which further enhances resonant control. This combination enables you to adjust the TuneTot's rake angle, which facilitates more accurate alignment of the time domain for most installations.

The bottom plate is also machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and spikes can be installed into the base plate, should they be required. Both plates are available in either black or clear anodise.

The Wilson Audio Pedestal has a retail price of AUD $4,495 RRP for a set of three, and the TuneTot Stand, AUD $4,495 RRP per pair. All are available now.

For more information, check out Wilson Audio.

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