Welcome Back - Technics Relaunches in Australia

Posted on 12th November, 2019

Welcome Back - Technics Relaunches in Australia

Hi-fi enthusiasts have had to sit back and watch as the famed-Technics brand relaunched around the globe, while year on year releasing even more new products. Well, wait no more, as Technics is back Downunder, and you can buy it as soon as next week.

The exclusive Australian launch was held this evening at the Pullman Quay Grand on Sydney Harbour, complete with Australia's most iconic bridge as a backdrop. Select journalists, as well as specialists who will form the small but exclusive network of retailers were invited to the unveiling of just part of Technics' first-stage launch. We're told we can expect more of the range to become available in time.

At launch, the range will include DJ turntable SL-1210MK7 ($1,749) and EAH -DJ1200 headphones ($299) plus four 'audiophile' turntables including SL-1200G ($6,999), SL1200GR/SL-1210GR ($2,749), and SL-1500C ($1,999).

Technics will also release its OTTAVA range of wireless streaming products including the SC-C70 All-in-One Music System ($1,649), and SC-C50 ($1,429) and SC-C30 ($1,149) wireless speakers. Rounding out the initial Aussie launch is the EAH-F70N ($599) noise-cancelling headphones.

A video link with Technics Director of Technics Project, Panasonic Corporation, Michiko Ogawa, an accomplished classical jazz musician herself, spoke of the brand's philosophy and it's three core principals being Sound, Technology, and Design. Combined, these core principals allow consumers to 'Rediscover Music'.  

Naturally, we've organised review samples so we can delve deeper into each of the newly available Technics range. Stay tuned.

For more information, visit Technics.


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