van den Hul Lands at The Sound and Vision Group

Posted on 23rd June, 2021

van den Hul Lands at The Sound and Vision Group

Dutch brand van den Hul needs little introduction to most audio enthusiasts, distributed in more than 67 countries with products in use in over 30 industries worldwide.

Its vast product range comprises interconnect and speaker cables, phono cartridges and retipping services, along with pre, power and phono amplifiers. Thanks to a new agreement, van den Hul products will now be available in Australia via Melbourne based distributor, The Sound and Vision Group.

Jason DeBono (left), Nicholas Familari (right)

A.J. van den Hul, the company founder and CEO, told StereoNET:

We are very pleased to appoint The Sound and Vision Group as the van den Hul distributor for Australia and New Zealand. We also thank Audio Active for its efforts marketing our brand. Our parting is amicable, and both felt that it was time to pursue other avenues. 

Van den Hul joins other brands in the SVG portfolio, including Diapason speakers, Synthesis hi-fi components, J.C.Verdier turntables, Sound Care Hi-Fi accessories, Fidelizer streamers, network switches and linear power supplies and Isol-8 power boards and power conditioners.

Nicholas Familari, Sales Director at Sound and Vision Group, told StereoNET:

We're proud to represent van den Hul. All of van den Hul's cables are made in Western Europe from materials sourced in the E.U., and each one delivers a sound quality well above its price, but just as importantly, is environmentally safe.

A.J. van den Hul is an audiophile and environmental activist who cares about the planet. Van den Hul proudly states its cables do not contain any harmful chloride or other halogens, so any kind of decay over the years is impossible.

Familari continued:

In contrast to PVC, van den Hul cables use HULLIFLEX ®, a material that is completely gas and liquid tight: Any chemical in contact with HULLIFLEX ® is unable to penetrate and reach the internal metal conductors. In the long run this means that every van den Hul cable will provide the same sonic quality years down the track as the day you first bought the product. This provides for a safer investment in your sound and in the future of our planet.

Supplying cables to SME, Vivid Audio, B&W, Dynaudio, SSL, Neve and Focusrite, among many other audio brands, the company says it makes the world's most extensive range of cables, including RCA, XLR, Optical, Co-axial, USB, tone-arm wiring and internal cabling for speakers.

For more information visit van den Hul

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