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The irrepressible A J Van Den Hul continues to baffle audio’s orthodox design principles whilst delighting his legion of fans.

The cable and stylus profile master is also a trained physicist who uses his audio expertise to perfect novel new audio and medical technologies.

An inkling of Van Den Hul’s revolutionary audio and medical ideas were uncovered during an exclusive interview with AJ his recent stay in Melbourne.

The interview reveals an individual working outside the boundaries of accepted scientific orthodoxy.

An approach that bewilders many sceptics and one Van Den Hul responds to by saying:

Let them come and see my work in action in real life situations.

The interview touched briefly and most superficially on an innovation called Torsion Field Technology. Whatever it is, Van Den Hul uses the technology in his audio and medical work.

Confusingly, Torsion Field Technology finds its place in audio as a product called an Extender. In the medical field, the product emerges as a compact device called the “Oase”.

AJ describes The Extender as a Torsion Field Generator and the Oase as a Torsion Field Emitter.

Van Den Hul Munich 2017

Marc Rushton, StereoNET’s publisher spotted the Extender during his coverage of Munich's High End Show recently. Pressure of work filing copy about this show for StereoNET readers intervened and he never made it back to the Van Den Hul display stand. But he followed up with an email asking me to contact AJ and gain a bit more information.

The Extender was in action at the recent AXPONA 2017 audio show, held in Chicago recently. It certainly impressed Positive Feedback journalist David w. Robinson in the context of the system where two of these Torsion Field Generators were used.

And those bloody new van den Hul Field Torsion Modulators! At first, I (and everyone else) took them to be super-tweeters, but no…they're Field Torsion Modulators. (Don't ask; I'll have to dig in to AJ's tech sheet to learn more about this.) I got to hear them off, and then on…and oh no! They make a very real difference in the soundfield. (Scoffers are politely asked to leave the room.)’

Robinson wrote the above after bestowing this system an Oases Award for great sound. The full article is available here.

For his part, Van Den Hul told us during the course of the Melbourne interview those systems with the Extender in active mode sound better than the same system used without it.

Van Den Hul Extender

The Extender has now been used with Van Den Hul sound systems at many international audio shows. The results, according to AJ, are always the same.

There are always more people who stay longer when the Extender is switched on than when it is switched off.

We’ve asked show goers time after time what they hear and the majority feel the sound is much better when the Extender is switched on.

In a recent email, AJ explained the effect of The Extender and gave a tantalising insight on how it works on the human body. Clearly, his innovations are a new form of communication technology. Grasp this salient point, and much that was murky clears up quite simply.

The emitted signal communicates direct with the brain in combination with the audio output of the loudspeakers. The amazing experience is that the gap between the two loudspeakers doesn’t exist anymore. The full sonic picture is available.

The defects of the loudspeaker play an important role like coloration, phase defects, positioning, limited frequency range. Also the room acoustics do take away some of the audio cream and sometimes ear defects are also a limiting factor.

This all can be forgotten. Both during the Axpona in Chicago (with a primitive version) and in Munich (about the final version), the sonic result was very obvious.

AJ is particularly excited by the medical applications of his Torsion Field Emitter the Oase that he says communicates direct with the brain without using radio frequencies.

Van Den Hul Extender

The Oases is used in conjunction with the NES system, a complex computer program developed by Australian, Peter Fraser to diagnose hundreds of medical conditions. The program according to AJ can detect more than 700 properties in the human body pertaining to health, in ten seconds.

The human body is an electrical system where any chemical (re) action creates electrical signals. When collected, all essential information is known. Based on these signals, correction signals of the same type can be used to adjust and/or repair.

More dramatically, AJ sent a video of a traumatised woman patient who had recently lost her son. She was visibly convulsing but after exposure to the Oase device placed near her, the violent shaking ceased and she became calm without any medication.

This demonstration begged the question: how does the Oase work? AJ’s response is cryptic but understandable.

Your last question: How does the Oase work or, what is the essence of the Oase, I like to keep unanswered. This is to avoid unauthorised use of the applied technology.

Van Den Hul Extender Rear

AJ says he is currently working on 40 different applications of this revolutionary communication technology.

But, this system works also with animals and plants (trees). I am able to to ‘’measure’’ trees. On invitation of the Community of Milano (Italy) I have been there to advise why so many trees suffer from cancer.

It is practical all situations: Pollution is collected in the wood of this tree. Sounds logical but it is not proven. I can show even which chemicals do create this cancer.

I can also control the quality of food with the same system. Like the pollution by insecticides and/or other chemicals. Reason not to consume this food to avoid the same risk of collecting cancer.

It’s impossible to gauge the veracity of AJ’s unique Torsion Field Technology devices at a distance.

But since StereoNET readers are more likely to be interested in the audio application of this technology, we will be asking Van Den Hul’s Australian Distributor, Audio Active to organise an evening where the Extenders can be auditioned first-hand.

Until then, we’ll keep you posted.

For more information visit the Van Den Hul brand page.


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