Posted on 16th February, 2018


Bang & Olufsen are the quintessential modern HiFi brand. They embrace art and design, push boundaries and think outside the square.

Its latest project is yet another example. Through a partnership with HiFiBerry, they have launched an open-source DIY product that will allow customers to upgrade their older speakers to today's wireless standards.

HiFiBerry Beocreate

The newly released Beocreate is a 4-channel amplifier that end-users can install themselves into any loudspeaker, creating an active, amplifier loudspeaker with wireless functionality.

We're a group of people at Bang & Olufsen who do things a bit differently. By looking into contemporary listening patterns, we've seen so many great vintage speakers go to waste.

Cords have been cut, and wireless technology has taken over the way we play music. Our mission is to give these speakers a new lease of life.

The compact circuit board works as a standalone DSP (or can be paired with a Raspberry Pi to become a digital audio player) and is also a 4-channel 24bit/192kHz DAC and 4-channel amplifier (2x30W + 2x60W). Power is supplied by a single external 12-24V source.

Bang & Olufsen are providing comprehensive guides on its website for retrofitting vintage speakers, starting with the Beovox CX100, Beovox CX50, and the RL2000 and RL6000 (coming soon).

The Beocreate will likely give rise to a whole new generation of speaker modding and DIY loudspeakers, and that's a great thing.

The Beocrate is available to purchase from the HiFiBerry website. At the time of writing, it's listed at $0.00, so we expect that's an error that will be fixed soon. The normal price is £149 or 159 euros.

For more information visit HiFiBerry.


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