Triangle Borea Speaker Range Now Available in Australia

Posted on 18th March, 2021

Triangle Borea Speaker Range Now Available in Australia

French loudspeaker manufacturer has released its more affordable Borea range, and it's now available in Australia.

We first met the Borea range at High End Munich back in 2019, so it's great to have more details about the bang-for-buck speakers from the French brand.

Triangle Borea Munich High End

The Borea speaker series consists of five models - comprising two floorstanders (BR07 and BR08), a pair of bookshelf speakers (BR02 and BR03) and a centre channel (BRC1). The BR09 shown is not available in Australia.

Triangle Borea Range

The cabinets and driver membranes are inspired by previous Triangle technological developments and benefit from the acoustic innovations developed in the Esprit Ez series.

Triangle Borea Drivers

Triangle says that the Boreas will deliver a clear vocal and midrange performance combined with punchy and controlled bass. 

EFS Tweeter

Triangle Borea

Starting with the EFS Tweeter, this is a 25mm silk dome with added phase plug which Triangle has dubbed its Efficient Flow System. The neodymium motor is coupled to a cooling system and powers the silk dome, known for its neutrality. Additionally, there is a phase plug that's been developed to “homogenise high-frequency diffusion”. All of this is then partially horn-loaded to reduce reflections.


Triangle Borea

The Borea's midrange has inherited the innovations developed for the Esprit Ez. So, here you get a cellulose paper membrane which is unique to Triangle. We are informed that this design mitigates any colouration of the intermediate frequencies and adds to a more realistic presentation, especially with vocals.

Additionally, Triangle has redesigned the profile of the cone to improve its rigidity which has resulted in extended frequency response.

The three-way floorstander gets an added small pleat peripheral, short-travel suspension. This is another Triangle trademark that enables perfect control of the moving elements which further adds to the production of natural-sounding vocals.


Triangle has opted for fibreglass membranes here that possess excellent vibratory behaviour. Their rigidity enables impact while leaving space for the vocal range, resulting in an airy sound.


All models of the Borea range feature perforated internal panels in MDF & EVA foam, thus stiffening the transducer/cabinet combination.

This innovative concept not only reduces the vibratory behaviour of the structure but also absorbs the vibrations generated by the movement of the bass drivers. This approach Triangle calls its DVAS (Driver Vibration Absorption System).

At the end of each internal reinforcement, a high-density EVA foam gasket ensures the contact between the motor of the transducer. The vibrations of the driver generated by the suspension of the membrane are significantly mitigated, the latter transmitting a low residual vibration to the cabinet.

Triangle Borea

The DVAS system reduces the vibration of the speaker and reinforces the notion of neutrality and clarity when listening. It results in a better listening experience with no colouration or structure noise. Additionally, each speaker of the Borea range has its own decoupling system.

The bookshelf and the centre channel models are equipped with rubber pads, protecting your speakers and limiting vibrations transmitted. The floorstanders have a pedestal, ensuring improved stability, on which four inserts allows the use of decoupling spikes. Rubber pads are also provided in case you need to protect your floor.

All speakers in the Borea range have a magnetic protective grill and are available in choice of Black Ash, Walnute, and White finish. With its sleek design and wide range of finishes, the Borea range will elegantly bring music to your home.

Price and availability

  • BR02 2-way bookshelf speaker: $700 RRP
  • BR03 2-way bookshelf speaker: $900 RRP
  • BR07 2.5-way floorstander: $1,700 RRP
  • BR08 3-way floorstander (4 drivers): $2,000 RRP
  • BRC1 2-way centre-channel speaker: $600 RRP

For more information visit Triangle

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