Triangle Borea BRA1 Surround Effect Speakers Available Now

Posted on 14th July, 2021

Triangle Borea BRA1 Surround Effect Speakers Available Now

Triangle adds the Borea BRA1 surround effect speakers that can be used as upward-firing Atmos speaker-toppers or wall-mounted for directional audio placement. Triangle's BRA1 surround speakers join the French firm's range of keenly priced and versatile Borea range.

Like its stand-mounted, centre-channel, and floorstanding kin, the BRA1 uses the same technologies derived from the brand's Esprit EZ range, including an EFS fabric dome tweeter combined with a 16cm natural cellulose paper membrane driver. This is all wrapped in a smart MDF cabinet fronted by magnetic mesh grilles. This helps ensure a cohesive and consistent look and sound when using multiple speakers in your AV system.

The versatility of the 8.1- x 7.1- x 11.8-inch BRA1 speakers is supported by an adjustable crossover enabling you to optimise it according to how you're using the speakers. There are two types of crossovers to choose from - a linear one for direct dispersion of horizontal effects and an upward crossover to compensate for the losses associated with indirect dispersion of vertical 3D effects. The frequency range is quoted as being  90 Hz - 22 kHz.

Furthermore, the Borea BRA1's 89dB sensitivity has them able to help create a Home Theatre set-up ranging from 3.1.2 to a classic 5.1.2 set-up right up to the ultimate 9.2.4 set-up in line with professional cinemas.

The BRA1 can be placed on the Borea BR03, BR07, BR08 and BR09 speakers and used as an upward-firing height channel speaker. Alternatively, using the dedicated mounting system, affix them high on the walls for directional surround effects.

The BOREA BRA1 speakers are available in Australia now in black, white, and walnut finishes with a retail price of $900 per pair.

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