Transparent’s Top Cables Gain Generation 6 status

Posted on 23rd July, 2021

Transparent’s Top Cables Gain Generation 6 status

Transparent Cable's Connoisseur Collection has been re-engineered and upgraded to Generation 6 status

Transparent's Connoisseur Collection represents the Maine, USA-based high-end cable maker's top four cable tiers – Reference, XL, Opus and, sat right at the top, Magnum Opus.

With prices running from a few thousand pounds into the tens of thousands, we are told that it is here, amongst the upper echelons of the Connoisseur Collection, where the Generation 6 updates are most comprehensively expressed.

Transparent Audio has developed its Generation 6 technology through extensive research and re-engineering, which now benefits its Reference, XL, Opus and the flagship Magnum Opus cable lines.

Transparent Magnum Opus Gen 6

We are informed that Generation 6 focuses on eliminating vibrational distortions to allow the cleanest signal flow, leading to Transparent Cable improving the network enclosures. The company states that, in addition to a more solid foundation for the music's lowest frequencies, the result of removing vibration and resonance is a quieter sound field with low-level information retrieval that is capable of revealing previously hidden “you are there” details.  

Transparent Reference Generation 6

Working our way up, the Reference cables are said to offer advancements in network technology. It also gets improved cabinetry, which is now constructed from a stiffer and lighter carbon fibre composite material designed to control vibrational distortions in both the network enclosure itself and the cable conductor sections.

Transparent Reference Gen 6

Additionally, we're informed that the network cabinets' internal volume is filled with Transparent Cable's Integrated Flexible Epoxy Resin (IFER) to further attenuate vibration and enclosure resonance.

Transparent XL Generation 6

With the XL range, Transparent states that the improvements have been such that the XL cables move even closer to the Opus line's performance.

Transparent XL Gen 6

Again, the control of vibrational distortions by further improving the network enclosure is the order of the day here. Transparent claims that the XL now benefits from a mechanically improved, more stable network platform.

The Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC) enclosure sports a multi-layer construction featuring IFER-filled Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) and additional thermoplastic and epoxy sound-dampening layers. Additionally, we are told that fasteners that bore deeply into the IFER mass have been applied at specific torque settings for improved stiffness and enclosure integrity. Furthermore, the cable is said to be capable of carrying higher current loads.

Generation 6 Opus and Magnum Opus

As you would expect, the Opus and Magnum Opus cables carry the concept of resonance and vibrational control to their highest levels, according to the manufacturer.

Transparent Opus Gen 6

Of course, Transparent boasts that Magnum Opus “embodies the pinnacle of Generation 6 technology and provides transcendent music listening experiences in connoisseur level audio systems comprised of the best components available”.

Here, the network cabinetry features two layers of PMMA which now sandwich a 3/16-inch carbon fibre plate embedded in a cavity filled with IFER.

The stiffer, resonant-free OSC plinth marries solidly to its carbon fibre carapace with a thin thermoplastic, sound-damping layer. Again, we're told that fasteners bore deeply into the IFER mass that encases the network at a specific torque setting.

Transparent Magnum Opus Gen 6

According to Transparent, the Magnum Opus, in particular, has been extensively analysed for the highest tolerances. The company underlines that “it takes hours to measure, sort, and label each part for each highly customised channel of a pair of Magnum Opus cables”. Adding, “it takes many more hours to assemble each channel into a finished product that measures perfectly across all parameters”.

The Generation 6 Connoisseur Collection is available to order now, from $55,520 for the Reference Interconnects to $112,050 for the range-topping Magnum Opus loudspeaker cables.

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