Posted on 7th June, 2018


One of the most famous names in radios and a brand now paving the way for stylish, multiroom wireless audio, Tivoli Audio, showed off its new products at this year's High End show in Munich, Germany.

A slinky new speaker called the Andiamo which means “let’s go” in Italian, is a compact Bluetooth model said to have loud, dynamic and clear sound performance. Knowing Tivoli Audio’s proven track record making ear-pleasing compact audio models, this is no idle boast.

The Andiamo is built for portability and looks rather swish with its premium Italian leather carry strap. Out on the go, this model will provide up to 20 hours of music. The Andiamo is expected to ship in August this year and will sell for AUD $329 RRP.

The Andiamo was just one of a large bundle of new models showing at the impressive Tivoli Audio display in Munich. Also unveiled were the Fonico earbuds that along with the Andiamo, form the brand’s new Tivoli Go collection.

The Fonico earbuds feature Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and automatic stereo pairing. They’ll work with Android and iOS devices, boasts a rechargeable 9-hour built-in battery, has Skype compatibility and an IPX7 waterproof rating. The Fonico earbuds will ship in September and sell for AUD $199 RRP.

Also unwrapped were two new additions to the brand’s ART Collection that turned out to be a standalone Wi-Fi CD player called simply the Model CD, and a swank all-in-one music system called Music System Home.

The Model CD Wi-Fi CD player comes finished in Tivoli’s signature wood cabinet and has a touchscreen LED panel. The Model CD will connect to a home network allowing users to stream CDs to speakers within Tivoli's ART collection.

A handy stereo line output also allows the Model CD to connect to the inputs of a traditional amplifier or receiver. Available in walnut, white and black, the Model CD ships just in time for Christmas this year and is expected to sell for AUD $449 RRP.

Most impressive of all though was the Music System Home which according to Tivoli Audio's VP of Sales & Marketing, Silvio Pupino, is inspired by the modern furniture styles of the 1960s.

The tabletop unit with impressive stature is equipped with AM/FM, DAB+, Bluetooth, CD, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, line input and output, and best of all, Amazon Alexa voice assistance. For those not interested in voice control, Alexa can also be completely disabled.

You can of course also use Tivoli Audio's excellent ART Series app for full control.

Internally it has a four-channel amplifier driving two 3.5-inch full range drivers and two .75-inch tweeters. The advice we can give is don't underestimate the size of those speakers.

StereoNET was given an exclusive preview of this model in Tivoli's demo booth in Munich. As we barked commands to Alexa, we can report that the Music System Home produces rich, full-bodied music that is highly capable for your lounge or dining space and will look stunning as a feature on a sideboard or table.

Gary Tye, Tivoli Audio’s Australian Manager told StereoNET:

Tivoli Audio has listened to the demands of its customers and has very carefully developed the new range which shows it understands the emerging market for lifestyle-focused audio and wireless products. We’re very pleased with the range and believe it offers real value for money, convenience, and a timeless design that stays true to the Tivoli Audio brand.

Available in walnut, white or black wood finish, and featuring Danish made Gabriel fabric, the Music System Home is expected to arrive in October 2018, and we are most excited about this release. It will sell for AUD $1,299 RRP.

For more information visit Tivoli Audio.


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