TIDAL Rolls Out Dolby Atmos Music

Posted on 14th December, 2019

TIDAL Rolls Out Dolby Atmos Music

TIDAL declares that, “the next era of music has arrived”, with the release of thousands of Dolby Atmos songs for hi-fi subscribers from Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

Dolby's mission has always been to create the strongest bond possible between artists, their stories, and the world. As the driving force in sound innovation, Dolby Atmos Music pushes the boundaries and frees music to be expressed and experienced as intended. Welcome to music reborn in Dolby.

According to the press release, the current library includes artists such as The Weekend, Blondie, Ariana Grande and Jay-Z – with more expected in 2020.

John Couling, Senior Vice President, Commercial Partnerships, Dolby Laboratories, said:

Dolby Atmos is redefining how music is created, allowing artists and fans to experience it like never before. Together with TIDAL, we are expanding the reach of Dolby Atmos Music by enabling a more immersive way for people around the world to enjoy their favourite songs and albums.

To hear Dolby Atmos tracks via TIDAL, you'll need a compatible Android device, which at the time of writing is limited to the Samsung Galaxy A10+, OnePlus 7 Pro, and Sony Xperia 1 smartphones, and selected Android tablets.

In TIDAL, Dolby Atmos tracks feature the Dolby logo which TIDAL will automatically decode when available. There's also a Dolby Atmos option in the menu under 'Explore' to access the Atmos-enabled library.

Couling added that, “Dolby Atmos lets listeners connect with music at its fullest capacity and creative potential – not the way most people hear music today, but a version that pulls you into a song to reveal what was lost with traditional recordings.”

What is not clear in the information provided, is whether these tracks have been recorded in Dolby Atmos with height channel microphones, or remastered/ encoded with information moved to the height channels.

Regardless, we're all for trying new things and better ways to enjoy music. Have you tried Atmos music yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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