Technics Unveils SU-G700M2 Integrated Amplifier Plus New Speakers

Posted on 4th November, 2021

Technics Unveils SU-G700M2 Integrated Amplifier Plus New Speakers

Inventively dubbed the SU-G700M2, Technics announces its second-generation SU-G700 integrated amplifier alongside SB-G90M2 loudspeakers.

Technics' upgraded SU-G700M2 has taken to the stage with the second-gen SB-G90M2 floorstander speakers following the announcement of the all-black SL-1210G turntable.

Technics SU-G700 Integrated Amp

Technics SU-G700

Borrowing technology from the company's reference SU-R1000 (but not the price tag) could actually make this new Technics integrated amplifier quite a bargain, all things considered.

In essence, this means that the SU-G700M2 benefits from the likes of the JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimisation) – for jitter and distortion elimination – and LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration) for optimising loudspeaker performance. However, it's not simply running on hand-me-downs, even though they happen to be top-notch ones.

The SU-G700M2 also boasts a selection of new semiconductor parts, apparently embuing it with a more efficient supply of current to the power stage for higher drivability of speakers. Using such “fast” semiconductor parts such as GaN (Gallium-Nitride) FETs and Silicium Carbide (SiC) Diodes is a similar approach used for the power supply of the Reference SU-R1000. The result is said to have given the SU-G700M2 a boost in stereo imaging and dynamic power compared to the original.

Technics SU-G700

In addition to a moving magnet input, the M2 gets a moving coil phono input stage, handing you the option to hook up MC cartridge-loaded turntables, too. Furthermore, you can also optimise playback for older vinyl recorded with inverted phase thanks to a phono input phase selector. Finally, the volume and source knobs now have the aluminium “spin” texture as modelled by the SU-R1000.

Technics SB-90M2 Floorstanding Speakers

Technics SB-90M2

More second-gen Technics fare was unwrapped in the form of the SB-90M2 floorstanding loudspeakers. As with its predecessor, here you have a pair of three-way bass-reflex speakers. Comprising a 2-way coaxial driver that combines a 25mm dome with a 160mm aluminium midrange cone that is further augmented by a brace of 160mm aluminium subwoofers.

Technics SB-90M2

The M2 version is bi-wirable and features a reworked coaxial driver unit diaphragm, promising reduced resonance and a more natural midrange with less distortion. The tweeter should also sound more natural thanks to its new linear phase plug, which aims to eliminate phase disturbance, says Technics.

Technics SB-90M2

The inner speaker mount baffle has been extended, too. A noteworthy revision, as this is what the woofers are mounted to. The update is said to allow vibrations to escape to the ground rather than being absorbed by the cabinet. Also, the lower part of the cabinet's inner stiffening structure has been redesigned. According to the manufacturer, it includes a multiple-folded waveguide containing a controlled amount of acoustically absorbing material to eliminate standing waves.

All these components go on sale in Australia from November with the SU-G700 priced $4,399 RRP, while the Technics SB-90M2 floorstanders are priced at $4,949 RRP per speaker.

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