TechDAS Upgrades Air Force V Premium Turntable

Posted on 30th June, 2020

TechDAS Upgrades Air Force V Premium Turntable

TechDAS has announced an upgraded Premium model of its Air Force V 'entry-level' turntable which will start shipping in September 2020.

The TechDAS Air Force V Premium features an upgraded chassis which includes being machined from a solid block of aluminium, like the upper-tier Air Force III, rather than being an aluminium plate chassis as on the original 2018-released unit. Furthermore, TechDAS says the Air Force V P offers “dynamic range similar to that of higher models” too.

The Air Force V P uses an air bearing mechanism that floats the 7kg platter on a thin layer of air, mechanically isolating the rotating platter and the record from any vibration. Additionally, the system creates a vacuum that holds the LP to the platter. TechDAS says, “this unique air technology has realised a sound that is different in dimension from conventional analogue turntables.”

Both the inner-sub and outer platter are both precision-machined from solid aluminium alloy A5056 with the outer platter surface anodised in a black gloss hairline finish. Also, a special thin pad is applied on top of the platter to protect records. Additionally, the turntable features a tapered spindle to absorb any swaying caused by an off-centre LP. Wow and flutter is quoted as being 0.03 % or less.

The relatively compact chassis (W312 x H168 x D368mm / 26kg) can still house up to four tonearms. Drive comes by way of a 2-phase, 4-pole AC synchronous motor that apparently offers almost the same level of performance as the upper models and is integrated into the main unit with an optimally designed anti-vibration mechanism. The polished drive belt of polyurethane rubber helps achieve a high sound to noise ratio, says TechDAS. Both 33.3 and 45 RPM speeds can be selected, of course.


  • Rotation speed: 33.3rpm / 45rpm
  • Drive motor: AC synchronous motor — (built-in main body)
  • Main body structure: Chassis = 19kg aluminum (A5052),
    Platter = 7kg aluminum (A5056) precision cutting
  • Wow and flutter: 0.03 % Or less
  • Drive system: Polyurethane rubber belt drive
  • Total moment of inertia: 734kg / cm2
  • Power consumption: 50W
  • Dimensions / mass: Main body = W312 x H168 x D368mm / 26kg,
    Power supply = W350 x H160 x D270mm / 9kg
  • Accessories : Tone arm base (aluminum), acrylic platter cover, cables, air hoses, platter replacement tools, instruction manual

Local pricing has not yet been confirmed. However, the Air Force V (Non-Premium version) currently sells for $19,950 RRP in Australia.

For more information, visit TechDAS.


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