Synergy Custom Secures AudioControl

Posted on 21st March, 2016

Synergy Custom Secures AudioControl

Since Synergy Audio Visual set up their 'custom' division in 2015, headed up by industry stalwart Scott Stidston, Synergy Custom has been awarded distribution rights to Origin Acoustics, AcoustaScape and now AudioControl. The custom division also draws upon the acclaimed portfolio of Synergy AV's portfolio including brands such as Cambridge Audio, Wolf Cinema, REL Acoustics and The Chord Company.

AudioControl, the Washington based designer and manufacturer of the highest-quality home and car audio components has logged more than 35 years into the pursuit of perfect audio.

From April 1st, 2016, custom installers throughout Australia will now be able to locally source a complete line of home theater and audio components from the brand that has built a solid reputation for high-end signal processing, amplification, and analysis tools.

Chris Kane, Vice President of sales for AudioControl told StereoNET:

Synergy Custom is one of the most progressive and fastest growing custom integration distributors in Australia and we’re thrilled to work with such a fine organization and knowledgeable people.

Philip Sawyer, Managing Director of Synergy Audio Visual and their Custom division responded:

Synergy Custom is working towards becoming our customers' best resource for profitable solutions, so we're excited to be appointed the new Australia distributor for AudioControl home entertainment products. AudioControl's rare combination of high performance, solutions-driven engineering of quality products made in the USA make this a great fit for us.

For more information visit Synergy Custom.

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