Sweden’s Moonriver Audio Lands in Australia

Posted on 18th May, 2021

Sweden’s Moonriver Audio Lands in Australia

While Moonriver Audio are only a relatively new arrival to the audiophile arena, its made in Sweden range of hi-fi products is already racking up accolades.

Thanks to a new distribution agreement, South Australia's Magenta Audio will make the range available via specialist dealers across Australia.

Moonriver Audio's range is small, with just two superbly engineered and highly musical integrated amplifiers. The Moonriver 404 Standard ($4995 RRP) and the Moonriver 404 Reference ($6,995 RRP) amplifier are both fully modular by design, allowing the addition of an MM and MM/MC phono stages, as well as a DAC. The range is also backed by a 3-year warranty.

All products are handmade in Sweden to the highest standards. Their design philosophy adheres to 3 main principles: 1. Incredible performance to price ratio, 2. Modular, flexible architecture and 3. Reliability and sustainability. The brainchild of company owner and chief engineer George Polychronidis, these amplifiers owe their design aesthetic to the great integrated amplifiers of the 1970’s.

Mike Kirkham, Managing Director of Magenta Audio, told StereoNET

We're very pleased to represent Moonriver Audio. While only a new brand, they have been receiving great praise for their low noise floor, rhythmic prowess, scale and sheer goosebump inducing musicality. We can't wait for music lovers across Australia to hear them.

StereoNET will be taking a closer look at both models, starting with a review of the Moonriver 404 Reference Integrated Amplifier.

For more information visit Moonriver Audio

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