StormAudio Unlocks DTS:X Pro and Expert Bass Management with Firmware 4.1

Posted on 19th January, 2021

StormAudio Unlocks DTS:X Pro and Expert Bass Management with Firmware 4.1

StormAudio, the French AV processor specialist has announced the release of its new 4.1 firmware, unleashing powerful new features and support for DTS:X Pro decoding.

Firmware 4.1 for AV processors in the ISP MK2 platform will automatically unlock DTS:X Pro decoding up to 24 discrete channels including multiple side surround speakers. 

DTS:X Pro is an extension of the DTS:X object-oriented immersive audio decoder, offering full backward compatibility for any content mixed in DTS:X and extending the 11.1 channel capability of DTS:X to 32 channels. 

For DTS:X Pro the DTS Neural:X upmixer and remapping engine has been re-designed to take full advantage of the higher channel count, identifying the channels encoded in the bitstream. It is then compared to the user-selected speaker layout to intelligently upmix to address all available speakers. This upmixed content is then mixed with the rendered objects for immersive playback.

Paul McCambridge, Sales Director EMEA, Home and Mobile at Xperi, told StereoNET:

We’re pleased to further our relationship with StormAudio as they add DTS:X Pro to their High-End Home Theatre products,. DTS:X Pro builds on the existing DTS:X standard to give the most immersive experience available today across a 24 speaker set-up, enabling home cinema connoisseurs around the world to enjoy their movies like never before.

This new software also introduces the in-house designed Expert Bass Management, which according to the company, is a game-changer enabling flexible bass routing for all ISP owners. 

All the bass management algorithms were completely rewritten by StormAudio’s engineers to enable greater flexibility for installers to achieve best possible performance in any installation. This new Expert mode enables the user to create up to 6 different bass routes in a room with selectable bass extraction for each channel. These re-directed low frequencies can then be sent to any subwoofers or large speakers. Some routes can be configured to reproduce only LFE and others LFE and re-directed low frequencies, offering complete control on these settings to the calibrator.

Further improvements are on offer with Firmware 4.1, including refinement of defining speaker layouts with multiple discretely rendered surround speakers, namely Surround 1 and Surround 2. This allows the best experience whichever seat chosen in the cinema.

Finally, the new software optimises the ARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) functionality on all MK2 and MK1 equipped with the HDMI 7+2 eARC board. With this board, the entire line is compatible with most HDMI 2.1 devices. Users will be able to connect their equipment to their HDMI 2.1 compatible display, and the audio stream will be transferred to the ISP through the HDMI cable and decoded in the ISP.

StormAudio AV processors start at $20,999 RRP for the 16 channel unit and $24,999 RRP for a 24 channel unit. The 32 channel model in Analog form comes in at $28,999 RRP with the Digital version at $27,999 RRP.

The StormAudio firmware version 4.1 is available for dowload now.

For more informatio visit StormAudio


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