Specialist UK Record Label Arrives in Australia

Posted on 17th October, 2020

Specialist UK Record Label Arrives in Australia

Chasing the Dragon, the specialist UK recording label known for producing audiophile recordings in a wide range of formats is now available in Australia. 

The label run by Mike and Françoise Valentine has appointed Melbourne-based Fundamental Audio its exclusive Australian distributor.

Mike Valentine is an ex-BBC sound engineer and is passionate about high-quality audio recording. If his name sounds familiar, he is also an internationally-renowned underwater cameraman. He has filmed underwater sequences for over 90 films, including 5 James Bond movies (check out the credits at the end of Skyfall where he is listed as the Director of Photography of the Underwater Unit). His record label is one of very few that make direct-cut vinyl recordings of classical, jazz and big band music.

Check out Michael Fremer's (Stereophile) visit to AIR Studios for a Chasing the Dragon recording session:

In addition to vinyl, Chasing the Dragon produce copy-master professional half-track stereo 15IPS open reel tapes, 7.5IPS open reel tapes, cassettes, CDs and digital downloads in studio-master quality 24/192 PCM and double DSD formats. Recordings are made using high-quality audio and mains cables and equipment throughout the audio chain. Specialist Flea/AKG C12 microphones and the classic Neumann U47 valve microphone are used for the stereo recordings. In addition, Chasing the Dragon also record in binaural format, specifically for headphone listeners, using the latest Neumann KU-100 dummy head.

The range of CDs, Vinyl LPs and Reel to Reel are in stock at Selby now.

For more information visit Chasing the Dragon


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