Sonus faber Next-Gen Homage Loudspeaker Series Launched

Posted on 19th January, 2023

Sonus faber Next-Gen Homage Loudspeaker Series Launched

Sonus faber's new four-model Homage collection includes 5th-gen Guarneri and Amati loudspeakers.

Sonus faber's Homage collection first landed 30 years ago. This latest incarnation features four new “innovation-driven” Homage loudspeakers, including the Guarneri G5 (5th generation) 2-way standmount, Serafino G2 3.5-way (2nd gen) and Amati G5 3.5-way (5th gen) floorstanders, plus the 3-way Vox G3 (3rd gen) centre channel.

We're told that the Homage range honours the genius of the talented creators of musical instruments in the brand's home of Cremona, Italy. So, it makes sense to start with the new speaker's Lute-inspired cabinets that the company boasts “feature class-leading technology, helped by Sonus faber's 2021 acquisition of the De Santi woodworking facility, its previous supplier of 35 years”.

The Italian firm says improvements have been made to the bracing and porting system, allowing greater efficiency and output while maintaining resonance control. In addition, the midrange and tweeter chambers have also seen a radical change. Further noted are the aluminium 'dampshelves' at the top of the cabinet which are said to increase rigidity and reduce resonance, while the proprietary UltraFlex anti-resonance porting system maximises airflow.

Finally, the new versions also sport modified metalwork, including smooth, rounded edges, with a graphite grey anodised finish.


The Amati G5 and Sefafino G2 benefit from Sonus faber's proprietary Intono tech. This promises to address the drawbacks of ported cabinet design and sealed enclosures while simultaneously playing to their strengths by placing a ducted midrange driver into a sealed chamber tuned just above peak pressure frequency.

We're told that the pressure is equalised into an alternate chamber when the port unloads or goes below its tuning frequency. Sonus faber says this significantly reduces impedance peaks while offering the benefits of both ported and sealed-enclosure designs in a more efficient system.


The Homage models feature established Sonus faber technologies, including the DAD reference tweeter, cellulose pulp midrange cones and sandwich cone mid-bass drivers.

The Amati and Serafino models get a new, more efficient 150mm natural fibre midrange driver with a neodymium magnet, plus a new shorter and wider voice coil. Additionally, the suspension has been improved. The promised results are overall greater speed and control.

The bass drivers have also been updated with the Serafino G2's low-frequency unit receiving a new coil and spider material, optimised for greater air movement and bass extension. According to the manufacturer, the entire system has also been mass-loaded to counterbalance any resonant vibration.

Meanwhile, the Amati G5 benefits from a new 220 mm bass driver with a claimed 23.6 % increase in force. Here a pair of ultralight CCAW voice coils are implemented in a custom-formed neodymium Slug featuring two air gaps for maximum speed, with an integrated heat sink for improved power handling. In addition, the “Finite Element Method” was apparently deployed to give the Amati G5 “unrivalled bass performance in its category”. So, now you know.

Finally, the Guarneri G5's 150 mm driver has been re-tuned, improving control and taming resonance down to 15 Hz. In addition, a purpose-built neodymium motor system allows for a distortion-free deeper extension.

Sonus faber underlines that the drive units in the new Homage series are time-aligned and phase correct on every single driver.


The handing-off between drivers employs Sonus faber's new hybrid crossover system - an evolution of the brand's Paracross topology and Interactive Fusion Filtering. The crossovers are also said to feature hand-selected Jantzen inductors and custom-specification Clarity Caps. Furthermore, Mundorf capacitors and resistors are hand-soldered on custom PCBs to ensure maximum clarity, high power handling, a low noise floor and long life.

The four new Homage models will be available in three luxurious finishes: red, wenge and graphite and are available to order with the RRP of the Guarneri G5 listed at AUD $25,995 (with stand AUD $31,995), the Serafino G2 costs AUD $42,995, and the Amati G5, AUD $59,995. Finally, the Vox G3 has an RRP of AUD $27,995.

Visit Sonus faber for more information

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