Sonos Wireless Headphone Patent Filed

Posted on 2nd September, 2020

Sonos Wireless Headphone Patent Filed

Sonos has patented two headphone designs as the company looks to expand its reach.

We first brought news of Sonos' interest in the head-fi market at the start of this year, and it certainly looks like the company is still looking to bring its in-home wireless know-how to head-mounted audio.

Sonos Wireless headphones

The extensive patent covers a couple of pretty standard-looking headphone designs. The USP seems to be a “swap” feature that could integrate with the Sonos speaker ecosystem. The upshot here is that you could start listening to an album or audiobook on your cans and then easily ping it over to speakers on the local network when you get home.

Additionally, it looks like Sonos is also exploring a variety of control methods handing the wearer advanced control over music streaming services. More pedestrian notes include charging options which will most likely be via USB-C and a port for hard-wired audio connectivity.

Sonos Wireless headphones

Needless to say, this is already a crowded market so Sonos will have to throw in active noise cancellation, not to mention the latest aptX, AAC and Bluetooth codecs as well as Wi-Fi.

Sonos definitely could do with a break right now due to recent upsets such as cutting around 12% of its workforce because of poor sales during the COVID-19 lockdown. That is on top of the cost of taking on the likes of Google and Amazon in the courts. No doubt Sonos is hoping for the best as we head towards the gift-buying part of the year.

If you already own a Sonos system would you consider adding headphones to it? Let us know below.

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