SGR Audio Releases World First

Posted on 7th October, 2016

SGR Audio Releases World First

We bang on about Australian manufacturers offering products that can hold their own in the global HiFi market, but perhaps none are as technologically advanced as Melbourne's own SGR Audio

One of the first manufacturers to embrace the global trend towards 'active loudspeakers', which typically marries the electronics or amplifiers specifically, with the loudspeaker itself, SGR Audio hit the market some years ago now and have since exported their products around the globe.

While a little more quiet in the last couple of years, constant research and development by company Director, Stuart Ralston, has led to the next evolution of their loudspeakers.

SGR Audio CX4F Mk2 Loudspeakers

The popular CX series has been updated and is now in the second generation.

Ralston told StereoNET:

Our evolutionary design philosophy demands that we offer significant improvements in any new product. Applying aspects of Esa Merilainen’s current-driving theory to our amplifier technology, along with improvements across the board, has effected the dramatic progression we were looking for in our CX4F.

Delving deeper into what the implementation of current-drive technology means, Ralston continued:

Most (perhaps all) commercial amplifiers control the voltage at the output terminals, but the actual sound produced from a loudspeaker is directly proportional to the current flowing through the voice coil, not the voltage across it. Our Mk2 amplifiers control the current flowing at the output, not the voltage. Without getting too technical, current-drive is a way of delivering the music to the loudspeaker driver in its purest form with maximum ease, where voltage-drive is like forcing the music out of the driver. Similar result, but certainly not the same.

This new technology is said to provide a sonic difference that is astoundingly clear and amazing. At the time of writing, it's believed that SGR Audio are the first in the world to implement current-drive technology in a commercially available loudspeaker.

SGR Audio CX4F Mk2 with Current-Drive amplifiers

Ralston said that when he first started researching the technology he was skeptical, but through further research and his background in physics and electronics, he realised the evidence was just too compelling to ignore. Prototypes were quickly built and the results proved they'd discovered a way to substantially improve upon what was already a hugely successful speaker in the CX4F.

Rather than release a brand new loudspeaker, SGR Audio opted to produce the Mk2 amplifier in a way that it could be offered as an upgrade to existing CX4F owners, and of course will be standard equipment in all CX4F Mk2 loudspeakers sold.

The CX4F Mk2 has also been refined with a modified and improved mid-bass driver with a re-optimised crossover, said to result in higher SPL capabilities and lowered distortion. A brand new, custom-made and in-house assembled tweeter also provides a smoother on-axis response, higher frequency extension and power handling, lower distortion and improved transient response.

SGR Audio CX4F Mk2 Loudspeakers

SGR Audio produce the amplifier completely in-house. The entire backplate is CNC machined from a single piece of aluminium, and finished with a micro pearl, glass bead blasted surface, which is also achieved via SGR’s newly deployed aluminium finishing line. Apart from its sleek look, the amplifier offers the practical improvement of greater heat dissipation, allowing higher class A amplifier bias.

Finally, further improvements include advanced enclosure damping to further reduce panel resonances and an optional matte black front baffle as an alternative to the traditional black leather.

Available now starting at $22,000 RRP, or just $5,000 for the upgraded amplifier to Mk2 status for existing owners, this is outstanding value. When you consider the price includes loudspeakers and amplifiers, while negating the need for expensive cables, there's a load of value in SGR Audio's CX4F Mk2. Just add a source!

SGR Audio CX4F Mk2 Loudspeakers

Ralston closed with:

It’s a complete package of advancements where every part, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, has been progressively refined and upgraded to produce the purest possible sound. I welcome anyone who wishes to understand why we’re so enamoured with this next generation to visit and experience it for themselves.

StereoNET will be taking a closer look at the SGR Audio CX4F Mk2 shortly.

For more information, contact SGR Audio.

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