Australia’s Own Serhan Swift mu2 Standmounters Gain MkII Status

Posted on 13th August, 2021

Australia’s Own Serhan Swift mu2 Standmounters Gain MkII Status

Australia's own Serhan Swift, the Sydney-based loudspeaker manufacturer, has officially unveiled its mu2 Mk II high-performance standmount loudspeaker.

Serhan Swift's mu2 Mk II follows the impressive original iteration released by the talented antipodean duo under the Brigadiers Audio brand in 2018. Now, Chief Loudspeaker Designer Brad Serhan and Engineering Director Morris Swift not only have their names on the latest version, but they sign each one before it leaves for its new home. StereoNET was proudly the first publication to review the mu2, and we look forward to repeating the exclusive opportunity with the MkII very soon.

Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II

Firstly, mu, pronounced “mew”, is a Greek letter that, in its lowercase form of 'μ', is used in science and engineering to mean “micro” or one millionth. Here it is said to signify a deceptively small speaker, considering its big sound and performance - something that we are very much aware of, both through our review loan and hearing it fill large rooms at several audio shows in both Australia and the UK. However, we're told that it has also come to mean more. An approach to design that considers every detail, even the microscopic.

Serhan Swift states that they've paid particular attention to how energy is dissipated while keeping vibration to an absolute minimum because, as most will already be aware, these not only result in extraneous sound output but also their effect on the various components, including those in the crossover network, causes distortion.

Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II

The result of their research focused on cabinet materials and construction. Moreover, implementing mechanical isolators for mounting drivers and crossover components. Overall, they have termed this approach as “micro-vibration engineering” or “muve” - pronounced “move” - as in “sound that moves you”.

The upshot is that all the individual elements - cabinet, woofer, tweeter, crossover - have been carefully re-examined and significantly improved, even where originally many thought no further improvement was possible.

Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II

Serhan Swift proudly proclaims that lessons learned from the original mu2 Special Edition have been expanded upon and applied to the mu2 Mk II. For instance, constrained layer damping material has been custom manufactured for the mu2 by Les Davis Audio. Additionally, while the woofer and tweeter may look the same as the previous model, both have been improved with an even flatter response, smoother roll-off, and lower distortion says the maker.

Furthermore, enhancements to the hand-wired, point-to-point crossovers (separate for bass and treble) that are silver soldered onto 5mm thick high-density substrates take full advantage of the above. For example, with a claimed 1000's more hours of listening tests and measurements, we are told that the crossover region and on-axis to off-axis transition are even more seamless and difficult to detect.

Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II

We are reliably informed that the new multi-layer cabinet construction now employs additional layers of differing materials, carefully chosen for composition and thickness, to further reduce cabinet noise (vibration), energy storage and colouration, along with greatly strengthened bracing.

Serhan Swift found the optimum drivers for each 7.8kg mu2 Mk II to be a 5-inch bass-midrange woofer and 1-inch ring-radiator tweeter belonging to the premium Revelator series manufactured by the renowned Danish driver specialist Scan-Speak. These drivers are also found in much more expensive speakers from high-end companies with prices to match. So, using the same drivers in a speaker at the Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II's price is generally unheard of.  

Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II

After extensive experimentation with low and high-order crossover configurations, we're told that a high-order crossover featuring Solen premium quality air-core inductors, polypropylene capacitors and non-inductive resistors was ultimately chosen. This allows for steeper slopes, keeping the drive units in their respective “power bands” while minimising out of band distortion. Whilst this increases component cost dramatically, we are promised that the resulting audible benefits are undeniable, along with a claimed  45Hz - 30kHz in-room response. Sensitivity is quoted as being 84dB/1m/2.83 volts with nominal impedance rated at ~6 ohms.

The Cardas speaker terminals are high purity copper with rhodium plating.  Again, chosen for their superior performance, reliability, and longevity - it is this attention to detail that impressed us with the original iteration.

Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II

Serhan Swift says that all their hard work culminating in the mu2 Mk II takes detail and resolution to yet another level. Furthermore, it makes the spatial presentation even more realistic.

Serhan Swift consider their products a long-term investment. Each pair of mu2 MK II's take three days from start to finish under the watchful eyes of Brad Serhan and Morris Swift. Brad performs final testing, and then he and Morris proudly sign each unit.

The Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II is available now in a high-quality matt black finish or matt white finish for $7,500 RRP.

Visit Serhan Swift for more information

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