Sennheiser’s Consumer Arm Acquired By Hearing Aid Maker

Posted on 7th May, 2021

Sennheiser’s Consumer Arm Acquired By Hearing Aid Maker

Sennheiser's consumer audio division is being acquired by Sonova Holding AG.

The arm of Sennheiser's business that produces everything from headphones and soundbars to headphone amps and earbuds is being sold (pending approval) to a Swiss-based medical hearing company that, somewhat interestingly, specialises in hearing aids and cochlear implants.

This doesn't mean that Sennheiser will suddenly become a hearing aids brand; instead, the two companies will work together to make consumer devices under the Sennheiser brand. The deal does not include Sennheiser's pro audio arm, either.

“A permanent cooperation is planned under the joint Sennheiser brand umbrella in order to continue offering Sennheiser customers first-class audio solutions in the future,” says the statement, which adds that a license agreement for future use of the Sennheiser brand has also been rubber-stamped.

Both partners see great potential in “speech-enhanced hearables” as well as true wireless and audiophile headphones.

If all goes well, we are informed that the deal should complete by the end of the year, leaving Sennheiser to concentrate on its Pro Audio, Business Communications and Neumann business areas.

Sennheiser has become synonymous with high-quality sound and has undoubtedly worked hard to make it so over its 75+ years of being in business. We hope it continues to produce great products under new ownership.

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