Sennheiser Reveals In-ear Pair

Posted on 14th January, 2020

Sennheiser Reveals In-ear Pair

With its longstanding emphasis on great sound and reliability, Sennheiser may not be the first brand name that comes to mind when thinking about nicely priced wireless in-ear ‘phones. 

However, its woosome new duo - the CX 350BT and CX 150BT – might just change that perception forever. 

Because StereoNET readers care about sound first and foremost, let’s start with the audio capabilities of the CX model earphones. Both models support audio codecs SBC and AAC, while the CX 350BT also adds AptX and AptX Low Latency support, which gives the listener a much wider bandwidth. Another benefit of AptX Low Latency support is its ability to sync sound to pictures when the listener is gaming or watching movies or music clips. 

Sennheiser Product Manager, Jermo Köhnke, told StereoNET:

These new models help consumers enhance their daily audio experience with better sound while embracing the freedom of the latest wireless technology,

Important additional and practical features include 10-hour battery life, fast USB-C charging, compact, comfortable and durable design, and four different-sized ear tips for ear cavity-filling pleasure. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the easy-peasy remotes of these wireless wonders, and in the case of the CX 350BT, convenient voice access to either Siri or Google Assistant. And for those who love to fiddle with settings, there’s an equaliser on the Sennheiser Smart Control app that lets listeners customise the sound. 

The Sennheiser CX 150BT retails for AU $109.95 / NZ $119.95, while the CX 350BT can be bought for AU $149.95 / NZ $169.95. 

For more information, visit Sennheiser.


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