Posted on 29th August, 2019


With 4K video now being commonplace with the latest TV's, streaming platforms and content, many users are finding they need to update those 10-year-old HDMI cables.

Finding affordable HDMI cables that can actually and reliably transmit 4K signals over longer distances has also been a bit of a challenge.

Australian company Selby Acoustics is set to change that with the release of its Premium High Speed Certified HDMI 4K 60Hz UHD cable range. The new range includes lengths from 50 centimetres to 15 meters, along with a 20-meter version coming soon.

At the core of Selby's HDMI 4K cable range is 99.99%, oxygen-free solid copper, with high purity conductors to reduce signal distortion. The impedance-matched, twisted-pair construction of the copper reduces cross talk and signal interference.

The cable is housed in an abrasion-resistant, flexible PVC jacket, which is capable of maintaining integrity when bent. The PVC jacket has been covered with a braided shield, not only for looks but also to protect the cable when running through walls and ceilings.

All of this is capped off with 24k gold-plated HDMI connectors to enable precise contact and to reduce signal loss. Selby offers both a passive version, in lengths of up to 6 metres and Premium High Speed Certified for 4K UHD. Additional active 'directional' cables are also available for runs between 7-15 metres.

Regardless of length, all of Selby's HDMI 4K cables are guaranteed to support resolutions of up to Ultra 4K @ 60Hz. The new cable supports data up to 18Gbps, in addition to 4:4:4 and Dolby Vision (static).

With free Australian delivery, a lifetime warranty and prices ranging from $19.95 for the 50cm cable and topping out at $179.95 for the 15-meter version, we reckon Selby is on to a winner with this range.

For more information, visit Selby.

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