Scansonic and Raidho Return to Australia

Posted on 17th December, 2020

Scansonic and Raidho Return to Australia

When you think of Danish loudspeaker brands, you probably think of Dynaudio, DALI, or even Jamo, and while all are reputable brands in their own right, Scansonic and Raidho deserve similar praise.

And while the brand name might be new to you, Scansonic's origins trace back to the more famous ScanSpeak brand which emerged in the 70s. Both Scansonic and the higher-end pitch of the Raidho brand are designed by Michael Børresen, and fall under the umbrella of Dantax Radio A/S.

Melbourne wholesaler Fundamental Audio has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for both brands, joining SolidSteel, Vincent Audio, Encore Screens, and Tributaries Cables. 

Landing shortly will be the MB-B Series and M-Series from Scansonic, along with the XT Series from Raidho. The M series includes the M10 ($1,099 RRP), M20 ($2,499 RRP), M40 ($3,299), and M Center ($899 RRP), with all models available in either black or white finish.

The 'Made in Denmark' MB-B Series include MB1 B ($3,399 RRP), MB2.5 B ($4,799 RRP), MB3.5 B ($7,499 RRP), MB5 B ($10,499 RRP) MB6 B ($14,999 RRP), and the matching MB Center B ($2,399 RRP), and MB-10 Subwoofer ($1,899 RRP), all also available in black or white finishes.

Raidho's XT1 in black finish will sell for $10,499 RRP, while the bigger brother XT5 in Maple Burl will sell for $61,999 RRP.

At the heart of all Raidho speakers are their proprietary driver designs, the brilliant simplicity of a ribbon tweeter, and the astonishing dynamic capabilities of their Ceramix units. 

Dealer enquiries are welcome so if you're interested in stocking Scansonic or Raidho, contact Fundamental Audio.

Both brands will feature at the 2021 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show, November 19-21 at the Pullman Mercure Hotel & Events Centre.

For more information visit Scansonic | Raidho


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