Samsung Adds Bigger Screens Sizes to Lifestyle TV Range

Posted on 28th October, 2021

Samsung Adds Bigger Screens Sizes to Lifestyle TV Range

Bigger is always better, and Samsung is banking on this by expanding its Lifestyle TV ranges, including The Serif and The Frame models.

Samsung says Australians continue to invest in big-screen TVs, with the 85-inch size the fastest-growing size. 

Jeremy Senior, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia, told StereoNET:

We've received unprecedented demand for our Lifestyle TVs and it continues to grow year-on-year. With more Australians wanting larger TVs for that big screen experience at home they are also trying to balance the design and aesthetics of the room. Expanding our size options for The Serif and The Frame meets the demand for those looking for a TV that fits into the overall style of the home but also produces an exceptional big screen experience.

The Serif

The Serif lineup was created in 2015 in collaboration with Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, globally renowned French furniture designers. The Serif is a mastery of form and function, inspired by the letter 'I' in a Serif font, blurring the boundary between furniture and TV. The Serif has been offered previously in 43-inch and 55-inch models. For late-2021, Samsung has added a new 65-inch to the lineup. 

The Frame

The Frame lineup, until now, included 32-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch models. The Frame brings the beauty of a TV when it's on and art when it's off. Featuring a selection of over 1,400 artworks via The Art Store, The Frame allows users to reinvent and refresh their space as a new art gallery every day, providing a way to bring natural elements into their home decor. 

The Frame now features a slimmer profile and has new modern, customisable frame options, including Beige, Teak, White, and Brown to blend into users' room décor. For late-2021, Samsung has introduced an 85-inch The Frame model to the range.

Both new models are available in Australia now - the 65-inch The Serif sells for $2,699 RRP, while the 85-inch The Frame sells for $6,899 RRP. Additional colour bezel options are available for $249 RRP each.

For more information visit Samsung


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