Roon 2.0 + Roon ARC = Your Library Everywhere

Posted on 21st September, 2022

Roon 2.0 + Roon ARC = Your Library Everywhere

Roon's latest 2.0 update and new Roon ARC mobile app gives you access to your entire library, enabling you to stream the unstreamable.

Roon ARC is very much at the heart of the highly anticipated Roon 2.0 update, which is now available. The new iOS and Android app has been designed from the ground up to give Roon users all your music, no matter where you are - even if you're miles from home.

Roon ARC

Roon ARC gives you remote access to your entire Roon library of albums, artists, playlists, and tags - including those on your NAS. How many times have you gone to open a playlist on your mobile only to remember it's in Roon and not TIDAL or Qobuz? That is now a thing of the past!

This unfettered access is free for all Roon subscribers, with Roon ARC handing you on-the-go access to Roon's treasure trove of metadata, letting you delve deeper into the music you love while on the move.

Furthermore, Roon ARC gives you access to Liner notes, Album and Song Credits, Recommendations, Roon Radio, New Releases and Daily Mixes.

Roon ARC integrates directly with TIDAL and Qobuz, linking your music library with the millions of tracks available on these streaming platforms. This seamless integration not only means there's no need to switch between different apps on your mobile device for streaming services, but it also ensures that all this music is subject to Roon's immersive metadata.

Naturally, Roon ARC utilises the same audio framework that has made Roon at home an industry leader - ensuring an unrivalled listening experience wherever you happen to be when you hit play. Furthermore, by optimising the signal path, Roon ARC provides the best sound quality from whichever mobile device you use. The 'Signal Path' information tab within the app displays how the audio you're listening to flows through to your device – from source media to your headphones.

Roon ARC

Going on a flight or somewhere with no access to mobile data or internet access? The Roon ARC app allows you to download any of your local playlists and albums directly to your mobile device so you can enjoy them offline. Moreover, as Roon ARC downloads music to your phone in its original file format, rather than being compressed, you are ensured the best quality playback possible.

Roon ARC is available to download now from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Visit Roon Labs for more information

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