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UK's loudspeaker specialists, Monitor Audio owns electronics and turntable boutique brand, Roksan. So, having acquired distribution rights for Monitor Audio, it seems logical Melbourne based wholesaler, Interdyn would make haste to add Roksan to its range of brands.

And with distribution rights now secured, Interdyn this week announced Roksan's return to Australia commencing with the flagship Blak range and K3 series of audio components. 

Before delving into these eminent models, a little history ...

Roksan was a London based audio outfit that leapt into the popular consciousness thanks to its nifty 1985 turntable called the Roksan Xerxes.

Roksan's owner, Touraj Moghaddam, was no fan of turntables with a sprung sub-chassis. So the Xerxes model named after the Persian king Xerxes used a fixed plinth cushioned by a material Moghaddam found in a fire door.

The Roksan Xerxes went on to challenge the Linn LP12 and did very well selling big numbers within a handful of years. Hopefully, Interdyn will bring Roksan's turntables back Down Under too.

Until then, we can enjoy Roksan's flagship Blak integrated amplifier ($6,999 RRP). Taking a quick squiz, we can see its power output is rated at 150 watts per channel into eight ohms. 

Connection wise it sports three RCA inputs, One XLR input, a Moving Magnet phono input, single PC-USB input along with aptX Bluetooth.

Internally, Roksan says the Blak is loaded with premium-grade parts along with a hefty top-quality transformer.

Stylistically the Blak toes the minimalist or less is more party line while the overall build quality has been rated as superb by overseas reviewers. 

The matching Blak CD Player ($5999 RRP) uses a totally isolated disc mechanism to combat external vibrations. There's also an advanced digital clock to deal with jitter while a high-quality DAC chipset converts digital data to an analogue signal. 

Connections comprise three digital outputs (XLR, Optical and RCA) and two analogue outputs (XLR and RCA).

The K3 range was conceived to offer an affordable solution for the demands of music lovers in the current audio market and includes the K3 amplifier at $3299 RRP and matching $2999 RRP CD player.

The K3 integrated puts out 140 watts per channel into an 8ohm load, has a moving magnet phono stage, Bluetooth streaming and 5 RCA inputs. 

The K3 CD player has a high-quality DAC that handles PCM1798 24 bit/192 kHz files. It uses a high precision, custom made Master Clock crystal and is fitted with 110 Ohm gold plated XLR digital output.

For more information or to find your nearest dealer visit Roksan.


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