Roksan Releases Next Generation Attessa Range

Posted on 7th July, 2021

Roksan Releases Next Generation Attessa Range

Developed and engineered in the UK, Roksan has today announced its Attessa range of next-generation audio equipment.

Comprising a streaming amplifier, integrated amplifier, turntable, and CD transport, Roksan says, “Attessa combines the audio performance Roksan has spent almost four decades perfecting. Exquisite industrial design that will complement any interior design vocabulary and a level of convenience that will introduce a whole new audience to the inimitable Roksan sound.”

With an approachable and friendly design and materials said to be of outstanding quality, Roksan has focused on ergonomics, whether it's the haptic, multifunction dial or the comprehensive MaestroUnite control app, all are thoughtful and flawlessly implemented.

Roksan's Attessa Integrated Amplifier (AUD $1,999 RRP) has a wealth of analogue and digital inputs, with the latter all routed to a high-performance Burr-Brown 24bit/192kHz digital-to-analogue converter. Audio performance is delivered by a fully balanced pre-amplifier and a Roksan Caspian-derived toroidal transformer, good for 130w per channel. Analogue inputs include a phono stage for use with a turntable. It also has the benefit of aptX Bluetooth connectivity for casting streaming services from a smart device.

The Attessa Streaming Amplifier (AUD $2,999 RRP) build upon the Integrated Amp with the added benefit of BluOS, the powerful multi-room streaming platform. The Attessa Streaming Amplifier is compatible with more than 20 of the world's leading streaming services and can stream wirelessly to as many as 64 zones. It has the same DAC and suite of digital inputs and is compatible with MQA and FLAC file formats. Wireless connectivity is simple and stable thanks to onboard aptX Bluetooth connectivity, once again. 

Roksan appreciates the value of today's LP and CD collections, so it's also developed the Attessa CD Transport (AUD $999 RRP) and Attessa Turntable. The disc transport does exactly what you'd expect - connects via digital coaxial to either Attessa amplifier and transmits the digital audio information from the disc to the high-performance DAC. Using the MaestroUnite app means an Attessa amplifier and Attessa CD transport combine into a single system after set-up. The UK-designed custom firmware onboard the disc transport ensures error-free accurate playback.

Finally, the Atessa Turntable (AUD $1,999 RRP) boasts the purity of purpose that all Roksan turntables have enjoyed. It was developed and assembled in the UK and comes complete with a unipivot tonearm, a high-quality pre-fitted Roksan Dana cartridge and a switchable phono stage (which makes it compatible with any amplifier you like). Just like the rest of the Attessa range, Roksan says its new turntable is “built to uncompromising standards using premium materials - the platter, for example, is high-mass weighted glass with a bonded aluminium edge dampener.” And the chassis design, with its feet designed to isolate it from external vibration, is directly influenced by Xerxes, Roksan's legendary (and very first) turntable.

Available in September 2021, the Streaming Amplifier, Integrated Amplifier, and CD Transport are available in Silver or Black, while the Turntable is available in Satin White or Satin Black finishes.

For more information visit Roksan


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