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Since 1986 Australian brand Richter has been producing loudspeakers and racking up for nearly as long. More than thirty years later, the MERLIN and WIZARD models are now in Series 6 production.

Brian Rodgers, Managing Director of Richter, told StereoNET:

With MERLIN being one of the first loudspeakers Richter produced and the WIZARD being regarded as the biggest selling Australian Loudspeaker of all time not to mention the 2017 Award “Ultimate Product of the Last 30 years” delivering the next in the Series meant we needed to raise the bar.

The latest series is the result of listening to and responding to the market, and accordingly, Richter has raised the bar, both from a visual and entertainment perspective.

The new speakers feature a new 6.5-inch midrange and bass drivers that are said to minimise breakup and roll off resonance effectively, thanks to the lightweight but extremely stiff paper coated cone.

Also, an all-new low distortion soft dome tweeter has been employed with resonance well below 900Hz, with “the desired phase characteristics of a gently inclined sound pressure level frequency response to over 30Khz.”

With new drivers in place, designer Dr Martin Gosnell worked his magic with a new crossover design approach using high-quality acoustic polypropylene caps, air-cored and ferrite core inductors as well as a substantial laminated core inductor feeding the bass on the new Wizard S6.

The new models also offer increased efficiency, making them easier to drive, which is essential in a new digital age of audio. Richter tells us they can even be driven comfortably by the popular SONOS Amp.

The floor-standing WIZARD S6 features new stabilisers that are said to improve stability (an issue in the home for many tall and narrow speaker designs), as well as overall improved acoustic performance.

The stabilisers are also available separately for previous Series 5 owners or any floor-standing speaker with M6 threaded lugs spaced between 130-170mm wide.

Richter's MERLIN Standmount ($999 RRP) and WIZARD ($2,299 RRP) Floor-standing Series 6 loudspeakers are available this month in either a Matt Black or a New Walnut look finish.

For more information, visit Richter Audio.


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