Revox Previews New Studiomaster T700 Turntable

Posted on 14th January, 2020

Revox Previews New Studiomaster T700 Turntable

It's been sixty-four years since Revox presented its model 60 turntables, going on to enjoy decades of success in the following years with its Reel-to-Reel machines.

With excitement, we wrote about Revox's potential return to glory with the announcement of its first R2R in years back in 2016. Sadly, not much more has been heard or seen on that front.

But now in 2020, once again Revox is back this time spruiking its new Studiomaster T700 turntable. Revox says its new vinyl player is “made from high-quality materials and offers a clear, elegant and timeless design.”

The Studiomaster T700 features a built-in phono amplifier, a galvanically isolated power supply and motor control. Revox says its engineers focused their efforts on “achieving the highest level of speed-accuracy”. To this end, the T700 uses a quartz-accurate PLL speed control via a contactless optical sensor. Any speed deviations are automatically adjusted and controlled to within 0.02 percent.

The belt-drive T700 features a carbon-fibre tonearm which the company says “results in the desired tonearm resonance of 12 - 14 Hz being achieved.”  The stylish glass-clad plinth hosts the back-lit touch sensors for operation.

The Revox Studiomaster T700 is supplied with an Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC phono cartridge. Pricing and availability in Australia are not known yet, but overseas it's been reported it will sell for under 3,500 Euros.


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