Rega Ania Pro MC Cartridge Revealed

Posted on 16th January, 2020

Rega Ania Pro MC Cartridge Revealed

Rega has unveiled the latest member of its MC cartridge range - Ania Pro.

The Ania Pro moving coil cartridge utilises the company's advanced Vital profile nude diamond stylus. Rega states that it's designed to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible. The Ania Pro delivers tight bass, warm midranges, and accurate top-end frequencies to offer a balanced and detailed performance, according to the brand.

The PPS (Polyphenylene Sulphide) rigid red cover protects the fine internal wiring and is home to a high-powered, neodymium magnet and a hand-wound coil as per the rest of the MC range. The ultra-low mass generator is undamped (no tie wire) and uses a unique rhomboid pivot for the cantilever.

The Ania Pro sits in a body machined from one piece of the highest quality aluminium. Also, it features Rega's three-point fixing method offering optimum connection to the head-shell while automatically setting overhang.

Rega suggests that the Ania Pro is the perfect partner for the Planar 3, Planar 6 or Planar 8 turntable and you can get it added as a factory-fitted option for both Planar 6 and Planar 8.

Technical Specifications

  • Tracking Pressure 1.75 - 2.00g
  • Input load impedance 100 ohms
  • Output impedance 10 ohms
  • Nominal output voltage 350μV
  • Channel Balance : ≥ 20μV
  • Separation : ≥ -29dB
  • Mass 6g
  • Impedance -100ohm
  • Capacitance - 1000pF

Available in Australia by March this year, it will sell for $1,499 RRP.

For more information, head to Rega.


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